Medusa Hairdressing Launch #SalonSafety Campaign

by charlottegw / last updated May 12, 2021


Scotland’s fastest growing salon group, Medusa Hairdressing, is using strength in numbers to launch their
salon safety campaign.

The #SalonSafety campaign is designed to let women know that the salons are a safe space, regardless if they are a client or passer by, the campaign aims to inform everyone of their open door policy.

The shock of Sarah Everard’s death rippled through the team and during a meeting it became clear that the
majority of the Medusa team could relate to the statistic that ’97% of women have experience some sort
of sexual harassment.’*

On a mission to help the high street and their local communities, the hairdressing brand has launched the campaign to inform people that if they feel vulnerable, are being followed or are in anyway in danger, they can step inside the salon and speak to someone.

The team will look after them and make the necessary arrangements to keep them safe. Outside of salon hours, the doorways of all salons are covered by CCTV, and offer a level of safety to anyone in harm.

Managing director, Colin McAndrew, commented: “We want to let all women and girls know that if they ever
feel unsafe or uncomfortable on the street, they are welcome into any Medusa salon. Whether it’s for five
minutes or a sit down and a cup of tea, our salons are a safe space and open to whoever needs them. With
six locations across Edinburgh and Musselburgh, we cover a wide range of neighbourhoods. So please
know, if you ever feel in any danger whatsoever, just pop in, let us know and we will do whatever we can to

Medusa has also followed in the footsteps of the Scottish Government by launching their own initiative to
eradicate period poverty. All six salons now supply complimentary sanitary products in the salon for team
members and clients.

*YouGov survey of over 1,000 women commissioned in January 2021 by U.N. Women UK,

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