An Open Letter to Hairdressers from HJ’s Business Director of the Year 2020

by laurahusband / last updated February 24, 2021

Open Letter Hairdressers

In an open letter to hairdressers, HJ’s Business Director of the Year 2020, Colin McAndrew, salon owner at Medusa shares a positive message to the hairdressing industry as we embark on the countdown towards the end of the COVID-19 lockdown and salons being able to reopen again.

Dear friends and colleagues,

I was recently asked what I wish I had known this time five years agoand I began to think what I would have done differently if we knew COVID-19 was coming. Would we have stock piled? Would we have done more? Could we have done more? Would we educate more? Saved more? Spent more?

HJ’s Business Director’s open letter to hairdressers reveals the passion of everyone within the industry

Lockdown has been tough on everyone. It has challenged us physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. But hairdressers are strong. Were a community and we will fight this. Every assistant, stylist, manager and salon owner, educator, sales rep, journalist, PR, shop fitter has felt the impact of Covid-19. Everyone has questioned their ability, their strength and their commitment but one thing I know is not in question is the passion this industry has. At times it may have felt like passion isnt enough, I know on some days I have felt that but I also know that I believe in hairdressing, and I believe in our industry.

Lockdown. Bubbles. Zoom. These are all words that have taken on new meanings. And like them, hairdressing has to evolve also. when we get through this, the world will have changed. The new normalwill continue to change and we can use this as an opportunity. The way businesses operate can change, the way team members work and learn can change, the way a salon operates can change, the way we work with suppliers, communicate with each other  and create, can change. There will be hard days to come, possibly even harder than the freezestate were in just now but I believe that being transparent and honest, we can come out the other side. My door is always open. If you wish to talk about business, education, growing a team or thinking about walking away from it, please do contact me. I am happy to share my story, the way others have shared theirs with me, and while I might not have all the answers, I am confident you will feel lighter for chatting.

So, in answer to my question, theres nothing I would have wished to have known. Life is a journey, with highs and with lows but without the bad days how can we really appreciate the good times.

Stay strong.

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