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    Grey Hair Leads the Way for Beauty Trends in 2015

    Grey Hair Leads the Way for Colour Trends in 2015

    Grey hair is set to be one of the biggest looks for 2015 according to a trend report from luxury department store, Harvey Nichols.

    Also on the list for the next twelve months are such diverse selections as cauliflower, maple water and contouring.

    The luxury retailer has drawn on expert insight from buyers across its food, drink, fashion and beauty categories to source the 15 predicted best sellers for next year and packaged them into one ultimate hamper; the definitive package for today’s trend-hungry consumer who wants to stay ahead of the curve.

    Aptly named the ‘Box for the Future’, the hamper is worth £4,800 and is available online. Marion Carpentier, Food, Wine and Hospitality Director at Harvey Nichols, said:

    “We are renowned for our hamper selection and this year sales are booming across the industry. We wanted to take this one step further and provide our customers with the ultimate 2015 hamper that would make them totally prepared and ahead of the game for next year. Our Box for the Future includes everything from a 70s style Valentino handbag to a bottle of Maple Water and even a cauliflower – which is set to be next year’s vegetable of choice.”

    Joining grey hair on the list of hair and beauty trends for 2015 are contouring; spa-at-home treatments like electronic skin cleansing brushes and facial peel treatments; personalised skincare and beauty products inspired by extreme weather.

    The grey hair trend is represented in the hamper with a voucher for an in-salon treatment from the ‘Rinse Revival Menu’ at Hershesons, who have a space within the Knightsbridge branch of Harvey Nichols.

    Says Marion: “Grey hair is becoming a stylish and fashionable option for both older and younger women alike as the mindset towards the hair colour changes. It can actually make a woman look softer, more premium, more interesting – younger, even, if done in the right way.”

    Check out some of our favourite grey-haired inspirations in the gallery below and find out more about how to care for grey hair here.


    • Denise O’Neill

      Well said Rachael! Us greys are way ahead of the game. Glad the beauty/fashion/hair/advertising world is catching up with us: http://greyisok.blogspot.co.uk

    • Marni Blair Pond

      No surprise here! But happy to hear it!

    • S.A. Molteni
    • Sharon Danley

      We not a trend – we are the leaders, matriarchs or elders if you wish. There are many more and much better coiffed beauties than these pictures illustrate. Oh and BTW, 75, 85 and even 95 are lookin’ fabulous too, and I don’t mean the silly ones. With the right calibration and applied science of good architectural design any woman at any age can look simply amazing.

      • Vanetta Hale

        Letting my hair go natural was a health choice for me. Instead of going grey you are going green! Think of all the money saved plus I’ve received more compliments than I ever did being blonde, brunette, or redhead. Think artic blonde if that helps.

        • Bonnie Pedersen

          Your hair is as gorgeous as you!

        • Zozz

          Question: how did you let the color grow out without looking like Montblanc? Did you cut it short and grow it out?

          • Mary Antcliff

            I used a platinum rinse for about six months, to blend the old and the new. From then on, I left it a natural gray! Love it!

            • Anita Tipton-Byrd Gound

              Can you tell me what rinse you used? I absolutely hate coloring my hair, but also hate the idea of a skunk stripe, so I keep coloring it. And do you think it would work for a brunette?

            • casbah

              A skunk stripe is so cool! reconsider that!

            • Elly Federau

              I am in the process of growing mine out. I stopped doing full color and went to foils. They’re more expensive but I find I can go longer between. My natural pre-gray color is dark blonde. So I use light blonde highlights and light brown low lites throughout and it’s been working well. I find there’s less contrast with my white hair and the blonde highlights.

            • Anita Tipton-Byrd Gound

              Thank you, Elly! This is the answer I was looking for! I absolutely hate coloring my hair – and personally, I love naturally gray hair.i just detest the skunk stripe, but evidently there are ways to fix it. Most women are even more gorgeous with natural gray. I’m taking that leap off the cliff now 😉

    • hecuba

      Maybe I’ll be able to find gray eyebrow pencil again???

      • Kathy Kittle McGee

        good luck let me know if you find one

      • JoAnne

        Mary Kay has a blonde automatic pencil that looks great with grey hair. http://www.marykay.com/jasnyder
        I pay shipping for you with a $50 order. Check out my website.

        • hecuba

          Maybe for grayed blondes or redheads. Doesn’t work for me (prev. black) I have been using the Mary Kay slate eyeliner on eyebrows – smudges a bit as you would expect.

      • Rose

        Marcelle brand – charcoal is a beautiful grey pencil

      • Clare

        HI there, Shu Uemura makes a gray eyebrow pencil! :-)

    • flash129

      So at least 4 of the images above are of salon created hair colors. Never has natural hair color, of any shade, been the trend in fashion. Not that there’s anything wrong with natural. Sorry, but this is a reality of the human condition.

      • Sherry Kasaboski

        Agreed! Well said!

    • Sherry Kasaboski

      I’ve been a stylist for 20 years and there is no way that Kristen McMenamy’s hair is natural grey. The colour is too blonde. Natural grey haired inspiration, I don’t think so.

      • Cowpunkmom

        I don’t think it said anywhere in the article “Natural Grey”. You KNOW if it’s a fashion trend all of a sudden, there will be as many bottle-grey girls as there are bottle-blondes. It’s all so funny!

        • Chris Rand

          “Check out some of our favourite all-natural, grey-haired inspirations in the gallery below!” It’s just what they said.

          • Cowpunkmom

            Well, hush my mouth. I guess I was reading what they actually meant, instead of what they said. Oops!

            • Chris Rand

              If you can help me convince my wife to let her gray loose, I’d appreciate it :) been working that angle for years now.

            • Cowpunkmom

              I leave a LOT of my grey showing, but I do get warm “lowlights” put in my hair. Everyone compliments me on the grey. Maybe she wouldn’t mind if she realized it doesn’t have to look mousy.

            • NerdGirl

              is she afraid of the look, or not happy with the fact that it yellows toward the ends?

            • NerdGirl

              To be fair, its says “all-natural, grey-haired INSPIRATIONS” …that doesn’t clarify that they are all indeed natural grey…they were inspired by it

              Also as a side point, chlorine yellows hair, as does harsh breathing environments (smoking, smog…)

              If a person with white/greying hair has yellow tinges, and its natural, they aren’t using a silver-enhancing shampoo, that removes the toxins from the hair itself.

              I use Jhirmack – it works AMAZINGLY well, still soft/silky, still shiney and lively…but I noticed that it removed the natural curls from my hair….I’ll live with soft straight(ish), white hair, if it means not having somker’s-yellow for curls :)

    • Marta Ramos

      I’ve known this for years. Photo taken when I was 65, now 71. Love it!

      • Thien An


    • Tonna Fuston

      I’ve been a trendsetter for 25 years then and everyone else is just now catching up!

    • Cat

      I have a couple of silver hairs and I’m not coloring it! I’m 35 so I still have some time before it sprouts silver across the board but I plan to let it happen.

    • Donald Higdon

      Kristen McMenamy? Looks like something from The Addams Family.

    • Soozi Qu

      If colours are a trend, in clothing and hair, why should it matter if that colour is natural or dyed? It’s the colour that’s on trend, not how it was achieved. All hair colours have had their time in the spotlight and not it’s time for silver.

    • I agree it looks gorgeous on many women but I am not one of them. I started getting gray hair when I was 30 and now at 46 my hair is mostly gray. My daughter noticed my gray roots and said, “OMG mom you are getting so old.” I am just not ready to embrace it and I may never be. To all of you natural gray haired beauties… Rock that gorgeous silver hair. Maybe someday I will join you :-)

      • Craig Cook

        You missed a chance to have a good discussion with your daughter about age, beauty and how merchants profit by exploiting womens’ insecurities.

        • Mickeyb

          Craig, I guess you don’t brush your hair before going to work or even get a haircut because that too, would be unnatural. We, as a society, do things to make ourselves presentable to the world. Just because one person’s choice isn’t yours, please don’t judge. I tell my girls I apply make up, style my hair, wear certain shoes, because I LIKE. It makes me feel good. Yes, an opportunity arose for her to talk with her daughter, a talk on why she makes choices for her!

      • samanthadahl

        Me too! It looks amazing on some but not me!

    • Carole Chapman

      I am very proud of my natural platinum hair. I get compliments on it all the time.

    • Laina Novak

      I must admit I’m rather inspired after always threatening for years to “never” let my grey hair show. Style, cut and great quality makeup are essential. I guess “never say never”. Giving this some serious consideration.

    • Lili-les-Bains Sur mesure

      Me, 52, 255 pounds, plus model, Lili-les-Bains, Montréal, Qc. Free yourself!

    • Lisa Wilton

      This ‘hot trend’ is four years old! At least.

    • Kathrina Bateman

      I love my grey hair. The softness and flow with it’s shapely curls. I’ve always had brown hair wishing I had blonde hair. This is so much better.

    • tbh

      To get that cool silver look, it needs maintenance. Violet shampoo and something to amp up the shine. Most people don’t have natural silver hair although Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair looks most natural among your pix.

    • Peggy Kite-Martin

      Yep Cuz all us baby boomers r getting older and we are the bomb…;)

    • Suzanne Galanis

      They slipped some bleached Platnums in there. Don’t think so….

    • Lois Gross

      I love my grey and I wouldn’t go back, but I find that there is a lot of anti-grey “shaming” especially from young women (especially with artificially blonde hair, amusingly). If someone is upset with me at work, I am inevitably described as “That grey haired woman” with the negative connotation of age and orneriness. Can’t wait till these snippets reach my age.

    • Sharon Tudor Isler

      I’ve had this Ultra-light Ash Blond Loreal color since my 20’s when I wanted to cover up my “dishwater blond.” Now, it’s all natural – no more coloring – and I get load of nice compliments, too.

    • Kris4Wolf

      I started going gray in my mid thirties, I have more than my mother age 73!! I’m 49 this year!!

    • TheBluebirdOfCrappiness

      The older ladies look fab, although some of those shades are platinum blonde rather than grey. The nose ring model is faintly reminiscent of Edgar Winter though, not sure if that’s a ‘premium’ look.

    • NerdGirl

      This was 2 weeks ago…I’m 31, and I’ve been loving watching my hair turn white…now its apparently awesome to the fashion world = WELL ALRIGHT THEN!

    • Mary Antcliff

      I don’t recall the kind of rinse…. Starts with an E and it’s the kind lots of beauticians use. Seems like it came in four colors: silver, platinum, grey, pewter…..I think. I would think the darkest one would help you blend until your color grows out.

    • Shawn Robertson

      How can I get my hair all grey? I have none now at 53, but would love it.

    • donnaanddavid

      big step to stop colouring it,but I would never go back!!!

    • Kathi J Gardner

      Wish I felt ok with my grey, as I’m allergic to color, but my grey isn’t a pretty grey. Tried the gradual ease into it by getting a lot of pale highlights, but all my brunette wardrobe clothes (bright shades of reds, blues, greens & purples) looked awful, & NO one liked it. Don’t think my hairdresser has any ideas about transitioning, but I’d love to be a beautiful silver.

    • alanaforsyth

      Gray and white are two different colors. Blondes and light-browns don’t go gray at all. They go white. And it is taking forever. I stopped using Loving Care to make my white blonde, but I stopped using it about a year ago because I like the white, which in most lights looks blonde. I wouldn’t mind being all white, but I have three boxes of the hair-coloring on my shelf. LOL.

    • diane

      I started out with brunette hair a rich chestnut. beautiful. then in my 30’s tried blonde, and auburn. in my forties started to get white grey streaks . started to read about how dyes are harmful and cause illness. so finally let it grow out now im fully a silver fox ! have to say I look better and have more fun being the silver fox au natural ! than I ever did with all the other colors. Most of all , its important to just look in the mirror and love yourself . be proud of yourself no matter what your color !! but yes silver is beautiful :)