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    The National Hairdressers Federation has condemned the proposed EU hairdryer ban, calling the proposal 'ludicrous' and 'ill-thought out'.
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    Shaping Futures Team Named for 2014 Trip - carousel

    In her second year as ambassador for Shaping Futures, Janet Maitland has named the new team of hairdressers who will be joining her to head out to India.

    September 1, 2014
    Sure My Life Isn't Perfect but My Hair Is print

    Artwork for salons doesn’t have to mean pictures of hair – framed witty, inspiring quotes can also make an impact and show off your sense of humour.

    Paul Meekin Celebrates Shaping Futures with Bollywood Bash

    Belfast hairdresser Paul Meekin held a Bollywood-themed fundraiser ahead of his trip to Delhi with the Schwarzkopf Professional Shaping Futures programme.

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