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    Star Products: Organic Curl Systems' Perm

    star-products-campbell.pngIf you thought the perm was a thing of the past, think again!

    Curls are still creeping back into fashion and Scream star Neve Campbell is a fan of Organic Curl Systems’ ammonia free perm.


    You don’t have to worry about frazzling your clients’ lengths as the system is much gentler than perms of the past.

    The neutraliser contains plant amino acids and hair is treated closely to the natural pH level, leaving locks soft and silky with natural looking curls.

    Top stylist and Herb UK creative director Karine Jackson gave Neve her curly ‘do and believes the trend it growing, “We’re doing more perms than ever now, as the trend for curls and waves has really taken hold.

    “You can use bigger rollers for more of a wave or medium sized ones for Neve’s curls,” she says.

    The system can even be used on damaged hair so it’s no wonder Hollywood stars are sporting the style.

    Organic-Curl-systems.jpgGet the Look

    Organic Curl Systems uses ingredients carefully selected to create a products which is as natural as possible, including neutraliser that is rich in wheat and soy protein. 

    Find your Herb UK salon/stockist: 01590 613490.


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