The Fast Track to Recharged Hair

Wella Professionals creates relaxing moments in salon and at-home with its new high-performance care range INVIGO

Modern life no longer fits into the 9-5.

Clients have busy portfolio careers and hectic home lives so they find it increasingly difficult to take time to slow down, breathe and recharge.

With this in mind, Wella Professionals has introduced INVIGO, a new high-performance care range designed to recharge hair quickly and effectively while answering clients’ hair needs.

The products require minimal effort but create big results.
Wella Invigo Hourglass

The Wella Professionals INVIGO line is about minimal effort leading to big results

INVIGO for clients

As relaxation is at the bottom of the to-do list, it is not surprising that women’s hair is often neglected as clients struggle to get to salon appointments, or only have time for a quick cut and blow-dry.

INVIGO can invigorate a client’s hair and mental well-being instantly. Developed with INVIGO-Blends – a trio of advanced technology, super ingredients and vitamins, in just a few minutes hair is transformed from appearing lacklustre to being full of life again.

INVIGO for salons

INVIGO care treatment increases the value of the salon experience. With this treatment you can provide clients with care treatments that contain concentrated boosters, expert-developed acupressure massage techniques and product enhancers to revive locks.

The new packaging across the line features modern pastel shades and elongated silhouettes that will encourage your clients to lift the products from your shelf. The complete INVIGO care range includes: Color Brilliance, Butri-Enrich, Volume Boost, Blonde Recharge, Color Recharge and Balance. The range has been developed to work in conjunction with three INVIGO exclusive in-salon treatments: Brilliance Booster, Nutri Booster and Volume Booster. These new treatments turn basic care services into a quick, personal and enjoyable experience you’re your clients will love.

Salon-exclusive boosters are ultra-concentrated to recharge your client’s hair with a perfect balance of vibrancy, nourishment and volume for instantly tangible results. Each booster contains an expert ingredient: Brilliance Booster contains lime caviar, Nutri Booster contains goji berry and Volume Booster contains cotton extract. The care line is designed solely for in-salon treatments and each bottle enables the salon to offer up to 25 add-on services.
Wella INVIGO volume boost range

Professional Opinion

Sophie Turner

“Having a hectic schedule myself, I need products that get the job done well. I really love using the Wella Professionals INVIGO care line as it’s quick, easy and effective.”

Sophie Turner,
Wella Professionals global brand ambassador

“If I had to use three words to describe the new INVIGO care service, it would be easy, instant and personalised. It really delivers instant, visible haircare.”

Christian Wood,
Wella Professionals celebrity stylist

Christian Wood

Hero Products

Containing 25 add-on treatments, the Volume Boost Booster 100ml in-salon service will be a hit thanks to its instant volumising results.

Perfect for clients to take home, the Nutri-Enrich Mask 15ml will be a great addition to your retail shelf.

Blonde Recharge shampoo is now available in 1000ml. The INVIGO Blonde Recharge collection refreshes and maintains the vibrancy of natural, coloured or highlighted blondes.