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Ever Wondered How to Create a Mohican? Watch this Ross Charles How-To Video

by charlottegw / last updated December 20, 2018

ross charles mohican how to video

Watch this brilliant video with Ross Charles to find out how to master a mohican. Ross, of Ross Charles Hairdressing in York, gives a step by step guide to creating a mohican. It’s a must-watch if you’re feeling adventurous for your next collection or have clients that like to step out of their comfort zone.

  1. Start by cutting down the sides of the head. Keep the lines really clean and leave a mid-section. This will be your mohican!
  2. Then shampoo the hair, it’s important to get hair really clean and go easy on the conditioner. Ross used Urban Proof by Alter Ego, which contains charcoal it creates a good base and structure for this type of hairstyle.
  3. Then trim the sides of the head working against the grain, Ross used an Andis T Outliner.
  4. Dry the hair completely. You need a dry surface before you can start styling.
  5. Next start drying the hair in spikes. Brush the hair out from the scalp, use a fast-drying, strong hairspray and use your hairdryer to dry the spike into shape. You don’t want to attempt to create the spike all in one go, otherwise you will make the hair too wet and it can make the hairspray dry into white clumps. Keep the tension on the separate sections and slowly build it up until you have your spikes.

Check out more of Ross’ work on his Instagram page @ross_charles_1
With thanks to videographer Ed Whyte.

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