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High Contrast Bob Step by Step

by charlottegw / last updated February 15, 2021

high contrast bob step by step

Indola has launched a new Street Style Collection with not one but three brand new must-have looks for a new season – and the first one is the High Contrast Bob step by step …

The High Contrast Bob combines graphic shapes that evokes the ’90s classic bob with a playful shorter length and a statement fringe to give the look a contemporary touch.

The colour created by global ambassador Paddy McDougall is defined by the statement fringe as it creates a face-framing look and the palette of natural tones fixates on a normcore concept. The haircut, created by global ambassador Andy Smith, is all about combining a playful shorter length with a statement fringe. The square shape in the nape is reminiscent of a 90s classic bob whilst the texture is smooth and sleek in order to really showcase both colour and shape of the haircut. The look is finished with an over-sized denim jacket, chunky trainers, a boxy shirt and soft pastel silks.

Here’s the how to


The High Contrast Bob Cut

STEP 1: Section as shown.

STEP 2: Start at the back cutting a flat layer with a 90 degree elevation and a 90 degree finger angle.

high contrast bob step by step

STEP 3: Repeat on both sides always overdirecting the last 2 sections to maintain weight.

STEP 4: Cut in a square baseline at the back.

STEP 5: Using the guide from the back, work into the front and round off the hair.

STEP 6: Now pivoting from the top round off the remaining hair. Leave some pieces out in the hairline.

high contrast bob step by step

STEP 7: Dry off the hair and refine the shape and freehand in the sides.

STEP 8: Cut in the fringe.

The colour  

STEP 1: Section the hair as shown.

STEP 2: Apply Colour 1 all over from root to tip throughout the first section.

STEP 3: Begin creating the layering effect by applying Colour 1 on the root area.

high contrast bob step by step

STEP 4: To continue the effect apply Colour 2 on the mid-lengths and ends of the sections in the perimeter.

STEP 5: Now working in back to back slices, work through the top lateral sections alternating between Colour 2 and Colour 3.

high contrast bob step by step

STEP 6: Go back and apply Colour 1 on the roots of every section.

STEP 7: Repeat Colour 1 on the top back section from root to tip.

STEP 8: Allow the colour develop for up to 40 minutes.

high contrast bob step by step

The formula





Key Styling tips

STEP 1: Apply INNOVA SETTING STRONG MOUSSE to prep the hair.

STEP 2: Wrap dry the hair using a flat brush.

STEP 3: Iron the hair super smooth, sealing the ends.

STEP 4: Finish with INNOVA FINISH FLEXIBLE HAIRSPRAY to secure the look.

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