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Effortless Blonde Step by Step

by charlottegw / last updated March 2, 2021

indola effortless blonde step by step

Indola has launched a new Street Style Collection with not one but three brand new must-have looks for a new season – and the second one is the Effortless Blonde step by step …

Inspired by the late 90s TV series Beverly Hills 90210, this effortless blonde step by step look is one that works for every taste. Highlights in the long blonde hair are redefined with a modern silhouette and a classic layered shape. The colour brings soft touches of sand and neutral hues for a blonde that is effortlessly glowing. The cut has a dishevelled airy feel that complements the softness of the chosen colour palette whilst the texture gives really uncomplicated vibes with weightless ends and a soft wave.

Here’s the how to

The Effortless Blonde Cut 

STEP 1: Section as shown.

indola effortless blonde cut

STEP 2: Starting with the lowest section elevate this hair straight up and cut half the length of the desired base. Repeat on both sides.

indola effortless blonde

STEP 3: Take the section above and integrate it into the desired baseline.

STEP 4: Moving up one section, elevate this straight up and cut half the length of the desired baseline off.

STEP 5: Comb all the hair down including the sides, except for the top section.

STEP 6: Execute the baseline with a razor.

STEP 7: Moving into the top section, create 2 shorter veils to add movement.

STEP 8: Dry off and refine using razors, taking out all unnecessary weight.


The Effortless Blonde Colour

STEP 1: Section as shown.

Indola effortless blonde colour step by step

STEP 2: Start from the nape of the hair.

indola effortless blonde

STEP 3: Alternate between Colour 1 and Colour 2 using a freehand painting technique.

STEP 4: Ensure that each section is properly blended and saturated in the ends.

indola effortless blonde

STEP 5: Apply the product heavily around the face to create a face framing effect.

STEP 6: To soften the root and the transition break the base with Colour 3.

STEP 7: Apply Colour 3 to the root area working from the nape towards the front.

indola effortless blonde

STEP 8: Develop visually.

indola colour step by step effortless blonde

The Formula 


Colour2: BLONDEEXPERTHIGHLIFTS1000.0 +12% (40vol) (1:2)

Colour3: BLONDEEXPERTPASTELSP.17+P.11 + 2% (7vol) (4:1:5)


Key Styling Tips 

STEP 1: Apply ACT NOW! SETTING SPRAY onto damp hair.

STEP 2: Dry the hair using a round brush for a smooth surface.

STEP 3: Curl the hair using a curling wand.

STEP 4: Finish off using ACT NOW! TEXTURE SPRAY.

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