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Ash Brown Step by Step

by charlottegw / last updated March 23, 2021

indola step by step ash brown

Indola has launched a new Street Style Collection with not one but three brand new must-have looks for a new season – and the third and final one in the series is the Ash Brown step by step…

This look is all about the sophisticated rebel – a look the brand reinterpreted to include quintessential “chunky highlights” modernised with a brand-new ash colour palette. This looks stays true to its rebel roots with a messy texture and a soft fringe for an edgy, modern vibe. This colour is based on an ash and chocolate palette which redefines the concept of a brunette with a bold contrast. The cut is then a layered look with a soft fringe to showcase an effortlessly chic vibe of the ’90s girl whilst the texture is kept messy for “a touch of a rebel in a sophisticated look” vibe. The fashion gets back to basics with a denim shirt tucked into oversized ripped jeans accessorised with platform sports sandals.

Here’s the how to

The Ash Brown 90s cut

STEP 1 & STEP 2: Section the hair as shown.

indola step by step

STEP 3: Starting with the centre section, elevate following the head shape and round towards the fringe.

STEP 4: When centre section is complete, start adding the sides using your centre guide and then change your angle from short to angle maintaining the length towards the edge. Repeat on both sides.

STEP 5: Once the front is complete, start from the centre back using the front as guide and cut short to long. Pivot round either side following your previous section.

STEP 6: Work in your exterior length using free hand technique.

STEP 7: Free hand the fringe in.

STEP 8: Dry and refine the haircut.


The Ash Brown Colour

STEP 1: Section as shown.

indola step by step ash brown

STEP 2: Apply Colour 1 to the lengths and ends
on lower section.

Indola step by step ash brown colour

STEP 3: Continue colouring with Colour 1 around the lower section perimeter.

 STEP 4: Move on to upper section and apply Colour 2 to the root area.

STEP 5: Continue working throughout the hairline leaving a soft finish around the edges.

STEP 6: Colour the lengths of the upper section using Colour 3.

indola ash brown

STEP 7: Cross check to ensure full saturation on the section.

indola ash brown

STEP 8: After completing the application allow the colour to develop up to 45 minutes.

indola ash brown

The formula 



Colour3: PERMANENTCARINGCOLOR8.18+ 6.18 + INDOLA CREAM DEVELOPER 9% -30vol (1:1:2)


Key Styling Tips

STEP 1: Apply ACT NOW! SETTING SPRAY and use cover clips to create the desired shape.

STEP 2: Use a diffuser to allow the hair to dry.

STEP 3: When dry utilize ACT NOW! MATTE WAX.

STEP 4: Squeeze the hair using your fingers to apply to mid lengths and ends and create desired finish.


The Before And The After 

indola ash brown indola ash brown

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