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Could Wella Professionals Star Blonde Course Transform Your Business?

by laurahusband / last updated February 26, 2020

Wella Professionals Star Blonde

Wella Professionals guest artist Jayson Gray shares why Wella Professionals Star Blonde is a must-attend course this season and shares his advice on how to focus on the blonde market within your salon.

The Wella Professionals Star Blonde Course:

The Wella Professionals Star Blonde course at the Wella Studios is a quick way to become the blonde expert in your salon.

Why are blondes a key focus?

Blonde clients are the most challenging to please. Getting the right tone of blonde to suit your client is not easy so a colourist should always invest in blonde education. This will always be the biggest business in any salon so delivering a service that goes beyond expectations is important.

What is the Wella Professionals Star Blonde package?

This is a combination of four courses which are designed to boost your blonde business: Colour Craft Balayage, Blonde Toolbox, Ultimate Balayage and Discover House of Blondor. They are all one-day courses expect House of Blondor which is two hours. Combined, these courses will arm you with everything you need to be a blonde expert.

Why does Jayson love the Star Blonde package?

Firstly, it is incredible value for money. The package is £415 which saves more than £100 on the individual prices. Whatever you think you know about blondes – you will definitely learn more. You’ll explore the full blonde spectrum in detail, learn how to do balayage with and without foil, get to grips with the inner details of toning and how to deliver couture colour. Every element of being a master in blondes is covered and you will walk away with the ability to truly grow your business.

Find out more in the Wella Professionals Education Book 2020. 

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This is a sponsored post by Wella Professionals. 

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