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Mistakes You’re Making With Your Hairdressing Scissors

by akesha / last updated August 28, 2019

hairdressing scissors

Your hairdressing scissors are undoubtedly one of your most treasured possessions. They are the tool that allows you to express and showcase your craft so it’s essential you look after them.

Here, Benjamin Shipman from KASHO Scissors talks us through the best practice for maintaining hairdressing scissors.

Size Matters

The type and size of scissor you work with should be decided based on the technique needed to create the cut, not the other way around. Never let creative boundaries be limited due to not having the correct tools in hand. Invest in a comprehensive collection of scissors which allows you to perfect the many different cutting techniques.

It’s In The Ergonomics

Choose an ergonomic offset scissor. We’ve come a long way in understanding ergonomics. Working with an offset scissor will reduce shoulder tension, neck pain and even hand fatigue. Becoming accustomed to working with an offset scissor will take about 2-3 cuts, and then it will feel like an extension of your hand.

Ease Off the Pressure

The more fine tuned the scissor, the better the performance, and less grit power required. Too much pressure on the handle whilst cutting will create a grind on the blades, resulting in burrs. Work with a quality scissor and the smooth screw system and sharp convex blades will do the work for you. With quality, less pressure is more.

Own It

Scissors become an extension of the person holding them. Borrowing someone else’s or loaning someone scissors is not recommended. Each stylists has their own unique way of cutting and holding their scissors, which in turn shape the blades and alters the cutting experience.

Who’s Servicing?

Servicing a scissor once a year is paramount to maintaining the quality and lifespan of a professional scissor. Make sure you service correctly, i.e. a KASHO scissor should only ever be serviced by a KASHO technician. 9 out of 10 times, a walk in sharpening service does more damage than good. Be very picky with who you trust to take care of your beloved tools.

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