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Key Curly Hair Advice for your Clients in Summer

by akesha / last updated May 28, 2019

curly hair advice in summer

Face-framing, youthful and buoyant natural curls are amazing. But when your client doesn’t know how to look after them at home it’s a hair type that can be frustrating to look after. So it’s up to you to impart your key curly hair advice to them especially for the warm summer months.

Here, Toni & Guy international artistic director and head of education, Cos Sakkas, tells us the best advice for your curly clients…

Curly Hair Advice – For Clients

1 The key to beautiful curls is not to touch the hair. The more you touch the hair, the more it will frizz and flop!
2 Never rub dry wet, curly hair as this distresses the cuticle – always pat with a towel to remove water.
2 Preparation is key – shampoo and condition with conditioning products such as label.m Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.
3 Apply a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks – curls are naturally dry and have a thirst for moisture.
4 Always apply a thermal heat protector on curly hair and diffuse dry when you can as this distributes the heat.
5 When drying hair, don’t touch it, don’t over dry it and choose your styling products wisely.

And when it comes to cutting curly hair, the same rules don’t apply and those clients with straighter hair so it’s key to remember the following.

Curly Hair Advice – Cutting

Always use a cutting lotion when cutting the hair. This allows the comb to slide through the hair and not catch on any tangles.
2 Alternatively, apply a cream-based curl product on wet hair which will make cutting easier. This also gives it an opportunity to soak into the hair before styling.
3 When cutting curly hair, use a clean, strong technique through the perimeter, with a texturing technique such as twist-cutting and slice-cutting through the interior to add an imperfection to the texture.
4 Always use a leave-in conditioner on naturally curly hair. It needs as much moisture as it can get as it’s naturally dry.


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