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Have You Tried Goldwell Elumenation Yet?

by charlottegw / last updated December 11, 2020

goldwell elumenation colour

Goldwell Elumenation is a premium colour service from Kao Salon Division that took two decades to develop and is designed to give your clients stunning results.

Goldwell’s Elumenation is a premium and comprehensive hair colour system that gives your clients stunningly different results. Elumenation is the art of adding extraordinary brilliance and shine to every colour. It’s the result of over two decades of research with direct dyes.

Elumenation has paved the way for new and extraordinary colour services. This ultimate colour upgrade service gives professionals the tools to take any and every hair colour service to the next level. Elumenation will help salons re-establish their businesses when coming out of a COVID-19 lockdown. Regulations imposed by governments on the space between styling stations and the number of clients within the salon means maximising the revenue opportunity from every appointment is more important than ever.

Elumenation helps salons increase their average ticket for every client and colour service. Elumenation sits across the Goldwell portfolio which means you as the stylist can choose the right product dependent on the need of your client and the colour service you are carrying out. Help your stylists Elumenate their colour services for every client by integrating the Goldwell portfolio of Direct Dye colours into your salon.

How can Goldwell Elumenation benefit your salon?

  1. Introducing an Elumenation premium colour service into every colour service with no impact on time will increase the client spend.
  2. Offering bespoke colour results will increase client frequency and loyalty.
  3. The unique Elumenation colour service delivers unrivalled results that will attract new clients to your salon.

How can you use Goldwell Elumenation to benefit your clients?

  1. Elumenation will give your clients up to 63% more shine on average than regular hair colour.
  2. Elumenation will boost the colour intensity of your client’s colour formula by up to three times.
  3. Elumenation will give your clients up to two times more resistance to fading.
    1 Based on shine measurement:TC 6N in combination with @PP Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet compared to TC 6N at max, recommended usage amount.
    2 Based on Chroma measurements TC + @PP (Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet) vs TC + standard mix shades at max recommended usage amount.
    3 Average value of TC + @PP vs TC + standard mix shades at max, recommended usage amount.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Goldwell and Kao Salon Division. 

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