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Is Skill Sharing with Other Salons the Best Way to Improve?

by laurahusband / last updated August 1, 2019

skill sharing

Hair salons are creating education programmes to help fellow hair salons. Here’s HJ’s lowdown on the salons that could help you grow your skillset in 2019.

Name: Ena salon / AllilON education

‘The one for all ages and abilities’


Location: London
Education type: Progressive stylist and apprenticeship programmes.
The USP: We have our own private education company AllilON that supports the Ena salon’s training philosophy. We have created an apprenticeship programme and a progressive stylist programme for retrained stylists that doesn’t discriminate by age or time as having the right attitude is our main priority. We want each individual to learn at their own speed as everyone is unique. Each team member has assessments to pass so the speed of each individual’s training is based on their ability and desire to get through the training.
Why do you share your education: We have a responsibility to present and future hairdressers which is greater than our own and that is to raise the standards and reputation of our industry.
Best piece of education advice: Be very selective on who you surround yourself with because you are only as good as the people around you.
Why should a salon team sign-up: We have designed our education for hairdressers who want to have control of their work, be successful and empowered by understanding their craft.
How to sign-up: Go to their website

Name: Contemporary Education

‘The one for advanced and classic cut and colour training’

hair salons education programmes

Location: Northeast England
Education type: Advanced and classic cutting and colouring training and an NVQ provider for salons based in northeast.
The USP: We have a wealth of highly experienced educators, including award-winning hairdressers who share their skills from classic, intermediate and advanced cutting and colouring to barbering, long hair and session hair.
Why do you share your education: We believe education is knowledge that can help you gain new skills and confidence – the more skills you have, the more you have to offer your clients.
Best piece of education advice: The more time you devote to learning your craft, the more confidence you will have to achieve your dreams.
Why sign-up: We can offer training in our academy in Middlesbrough or bespoke training in your salon where we can personalise education to suit your requirements.
How to sign-up: Email, call 01642 227060 or send a direct message on Instagram.

Name: Joe and Co Soho

‘The one for tapping into the barbering market’

hair salons education programmes

Education type: All aspects of barbering
Location: London and nationwide (The team will travel to your salon)
The USP: We have an established team of educators and session stylists, including Joe Mills, Jody Taylor and Charlie Cullen who deliver all aspects of men’s cutting and styling along with grooming and shaving education.
Why do you share your education: We want to share our education because we believe this is the only way to learn and grow your team from a creative and business perspective.
Best piece of education advice: Listen and make sure you take it all in.
Why sign-up: The men’s market is massive and it’s growing all of the time. We can offer you the skills and confidence you need to grow your business and expand your creativity and expertise in this area.
How to sign-up: Email general manager Abby Raworth.

Name: Rainbow Room International

‘The one with educators who can help you develop your career’

hair salons education programmes

Education type: Professional courses for hairdressers wishing to learn new skills or perfect existing ones, including barbering, geometric principles, long hairdressing, retail, principles in practise and salon creativity.
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
The USP: Our educators are all Rainbow Room International directors who started out as apprentices and have grown to own their own salons and manage their own teams. I also think our reputation in the industry allows us to stand out and bring in many hairdressers from the UK and overseas.
Why do you share your education: We believe it’s important to keep updating your knowledge if you want to stay ahead in this industry. We want you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends so you can give clients what they want.
Best piece of education advice: Push yourself to be the very best to develop yourself and inspire those around you.
Why sign-up: The professional courses at the Academy allow stylists to learn new skills while perfecting existing ones. Our Academy course mentors are top stylists who have won a number of awards and accolades, which shows their credibility and industry knowledge. Our mentors also train to the highest of standards, which is incredibly important when looking for education. Our mentors have all worked on the floor themselves, which I think is incredibly important as it makes the whole process of training more real and relevant.
How to sign-up: Call the Academy on 0141 221 0400 or email here.

Name: Sanrizz

‘The one for students who want to develop all-round business skills’

hair salons education programmes

TVA Insight London 160216

Education type: Sanrizz Scholarship Programme
Location: St Alban’s
The USP: Direct training for anyone who is attending the Sanrizz Education Centre or completing an NVQ course with a local college. Working in a salon environment allows students and stylists the chance to develop their skills, shadow stylists and technicians and understand salon etiquette. Over 12-months students complete a number of stages with their mentors and finally graduate as a hair stylist. We train students on how to cut, colour and style, but also how to be successful in retail sales and how to market salon services to increase the client base.
Why do you share your education: The hairdressing industry is not a just business – it is a community. We share new and innovative ideas to help develop the industry and create new trends.
Best piece of education advice: If you ever lose your vision, go back to cutting a parallel one length as it teaches you control of sections and discipline of the line. This inspires you to understand shape and texture to revive your vision.
Why sign-up: We are fully committed to offering continuous career development coupled with enviable career options. The distinctive style of teaching stems from decades of experience. Our Team of educators are renowned for their hairdressing skills and passion for tailormade tuition.
How to sign-up: Go to their website, call 01707665880 or email here. We also have the Sanrizz network which is a fantastic opportunity for like-minded, independent salon owners to join an annual education programme spread across nine days.

Name: Sharon Malcolm, Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing

‘The one with the hair up expert’

hair salons education programmes

Education type: Hair up expert
Location: Newtownards, Northern Ireland
The USP: To give individuals the confidence to boost their hair up skillset. I teach simple, easy and quick techniques to put hair up and I talk about the essential tools and products to use.
Why do you share your education: When it comes to hair up, there is often only one or two people in a salon who can do it with confidence. If we share our knowledge with more team members, they can offer a total service for clients. I want the whole salon to be able to offer an updo service for the bridesmaids and mother of the bride as well as the bride.
Best piece of education advice: Use, it, don’t lose it!
Why sign-up: To boost your confidence, belief and updo knowledge.
How to sign-up: Email for hair or call, 02891 819000 and request I come to your salon. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Schwarzkopf Professional Ask Academy.

Name: Tommy’s Hair Company

‘The one for apprentices who want tailormade education’

hair salons education programmes

Education type: Tommy’s Hair School and Education Centre apprenticeship programmes are led by the Welsh Government and supported by the European Social Fund.
Location: North Wales
The USP: The national award-winning team is the only private NVQ certified hairdressing educational facility in North and Mid Wales. We guide students through our extensive knowledge when delivering an NVQ and will hand down our expertise on an exceptional level of teaching. The ‘Stylist for life’ ethos of education means students gain practical and soft skills which will set them ahead of the game, as we tailor make their education to highlight each individual’s own strengths and challenge their weaknesses.
Why do you share your education: We realised at the beginning of our academy days that education in hairdressing wasn’t where it should be and we wanted to give something back and grow education and training in North Wales.
Best piece of education advice: Be patient. When you learn something new you’re full of new ideas and can’t wait to share your knowledge on the salon floor. Take a few days to think about your new skill/idea before you implement it onto the salon floor while still remaining enthusiastic.
Why sign-up: We work with smaller groups and make education and training more bespoke and tailored to each individual. We have the best experience team in North Wales when it comes to training. Our education teachers are extremely well organised and passionate in what they do.
How to sign-up: Go to their website, send an email, complete a course application form online. We like to talk and invite new students into the salon so they can get a feel for Tommy’s and our education department.

Name: Westrow Academy

‘The one with the hair up expert’

hair salons education programmes

Education type: The opportunity to study hairdressing, barbering, management and business processes in a facility that can take up to 240 students.
Location: Leeds
The USP: We offer a range of detailed, bespoke and comprehensive training courses in hairdressing, barbering, management and business processes in a state-of-the-art setting. We want to raise the standards of hairdressing as a whole and we believe working in smaller groups of eight to 10 is the way forward.
Why do you share your education: We need to develop and nurture new talent and one of my pet hates are salons that don’t give anything back to the industry. At Westrow, we believe it is important to share our experience with other salons and continually raise standards in the training and hairdressing arena.
Best piece of education advice: Recognise an individual’s abilities as it’s pointless sending an assistant, who is just about to qualify on an advanced course. They may return inspired but they could be overwhelmed and think they are not good enough. Teaching them the fundamentals and encouraging them to work their way up the ladder will increase their thirst for knowledge. The people who discover their forte at an early age should be nurtured and developed, ensuring time and money are both well spent.
Why sign-up: We have on-going course development to ensure our courses are not only up-to-date, but ahead of our competitors.
How to sign-up: Email for info or call 0113 397 9400.

Name: Manifesto

‘The one for expanding your men’s hairdressing skills’

hair salons education programmes

Education type: Men’s hairdressing
Location: London
The USP: Our education is based on technical cutting skills such as suitability, internal shape, attention to details and natural styling including prep, drying technique and finish.
Why do you share your education: We believe hairdressing is a creative industry so sharing techniques and ideas keep it innovative and moving forwards.
Best piece of education advice: Cutting hair isn’t a job, it’s a hobby so enjoy it!
Why sign-up: We don’t teach salons to copy looks as we want to encourage them to develop their own creativity. We want to give people inspiration as opposed to teaching them to replicate.
How to sign-up: Email for info or send a direct message on Instagram to either Manifesto salon or Manifesto education.

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