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Elumenation: A Vibrant New Colour System from Goldwell

by kieran / last updated September 18, 2020

Goldwell Elumenation

From the initial development of Goldwell Elumen to the introduction of Goldwell @PurePigments, it has taken the brand two decades of research with direct dyes to create its new system, Elumenation.

Elumenation will empower professionals to give their clients the next level of vibrancy and shine within their colour transformations.

What is Elumenation?

Elumenation features 2.0 hair colour formulas that defy the rules and disrupt what hair professionals thought possible. It can take salon colour to a new dimension, with reflections of brilliant light in a full spectrum of vibrant shades.

Elumenation is an expanded, comprehensive hair colour system with stunningly different results. It is the art of adding extraordinary brilliance and shine to every colour.

The ‘cool’ look is big for 2020, and Goldwell has redefined this of-the-moment trend by translating it into beautiful and wearable shades using Elumenation.

Goldwell Elumenation

How can I try Elumenation?

You can experiment with Elumenation within three of Goldwell’s ranges, including:

1. Elumen
2. Topchic and Colorance Elumenated Shades
3. @PurePigments

What new Elumenation shades are there?

There are seven new cool and chic shades that will give your clients outstanding brilliance and shine, including:

@Elumenated Lavender – inspired by lilatech
@Elumenated Beige Mint – inspired by neo mint
@Elumenated Rose – inspired by sakura pink

Goldwell Elumenation

How can Elumentation help my clients?

The new highly effective yet gentle System Hair Color Remover will give you and your clients reliable results. The odorless service features the CanvasReset System with integrated BondPro+ technology to protect your client’s hair during the removal process. It features a high-performance formula that is enriched with conditioning PQ 10 that penetrates into the hair while removing oxidative colour.

For more information on Elumenation, visit

Check out Hairdressers Journal’s interview with Angelo Seminara and John Moroney about their partnership with Goldwell.

This is a sponsored post by Goldwell. 

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