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Darren Fowler Launches Digital Education Membership Academy

by charlottegw / last updated October 1, 2018

darren fowler

London hair designer and international educator Darren Fowler has launched the Fowler Hair Academy, a digital education membership platform for hairdressers around the globe who want to raise their game and become a successful stylist and business owner.

The membership site covers both business and creative topics. It comes from Darren’s desire to go beyond face-to-face education and reach more people both in the UK and internationally.

“Being able to educate on an international level is a huge privilege,” says Darren. “The feedback you get from being with someone face to face is incredible. However, I’ve always been interested in how we can keep that conversation going, how people can have ongoing education from the same person even if they live thousands of miles away.

“The education landscape has changed so much, people want to be able to access education 24/7 and they don’t necessarily want to travel. The Academy reflects this new mood and it also allows me to teach lots of different topics and explore new ideas, something that’s not possible in traditional education.”

Members pay either £39.95 per month, or £395 per year to become members and get access to tutorials on the simple-to-use membership site. Tutorials include: Most Successful Stylist, Supreme Creative, Business Mogul, The Backwash and Creating your Manifesto.

Darren has also filmed a series of creative tutorials called ‘Creating Characters’ something he does every day in the salon and for actors, actresses and models. These include: The Model – graduation with a line;  The Insta-Man – the ultimate masculine blend and The Actress – short hair styling with volume.

Anyone interested in becoming a member can get a taster for the content with a free ‘Perfect Consultation’ video. Sign up for the free video here.

Darren says: “I am very excited about this launch and really hope that it can help hairdressers around the world have the best career ever. It’s a brilliant industry with so many opportunities for those who work hard, are passionate and seek to constantly better themselves. My wish is for the Fowler Hair Academy to be part of that journey.”

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