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HJ Upskills: 5 Ways to Find the Right Online Educator for You

by charlottegw / last updated January 28, 2021

how to find the right hair educator

With reduced options for face to face education and an influx of virtual education platforms popping up, it’s important to find an online hair educator that you gel with.

We asked a mix of educators and stylists for their top tips on finding the right online educator.

Use Instagram

“I’ve found each online educator has their own speciality, their own super power. I think the most important thing is to understand and identify what education you’re looking for. You can use Instagram as a tool seeking out education and educators by using relevant hashtags and searching via brand Instagram’s for their educators. For me, at this stage in my career, Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador, Daniel Granger was the right educator for me. His passion for growing apprentice and graduate stylists was inspirational, and he even gave me my foot in the door to educate alongside him on his live webinars to over 600 viewers during lockdown which were all about how to brand yourself within a brand and present yourself on social – amazing!”
Justin Mackland, Ishoka


Find a connection

“Education is so important but it’s even more important to gel with your educator – this will help you to get the most out of your educator as well as them getting the best out of you. You can get a feel for different educator styles via social media, this will give you an idea as to whether that particular person feels like the right fit for you. I always say go with your heart and your head tends to follow pretty fast. When educating within our role as ambassadors with Schwarzkopf Professional, Steph and I always try to relax the students as soon as they come through the door. We explain that we are hoping to give them inspiration and direction which derives from all the knowledge we have been given over the years, helping us get to where we are now.”
Ashley Gamble, Ashley Gamble


Identify your learning style

“When looking for the right online educator, you should have a clear objective of what and why you want to take a class, and think about how you like to learn. Ask yourself, are you happy to just watch, do you need information sent to you afterwards, are you a note taker or do you need to do virtual hands on? There is a vast array of education/educators available at the moment and to get the right one for you be clear on the type of learner you are.”
Jo Robertson, education director at Wonderful Brands


Remember, online education offers different benefits to in-person education

“2020 online education is a whole new way of learning and I think it’s pretty exciting! I’ve always been a believer that there is no better way to learn than being surrounded by like-minded students wanting to share ideas and learn the hands-on way we know as hairdressers! I do still stand by that – but whilst we are on hold there really are so many perks to online education. Subscribing to these platforms means we can access education at all times, finding the time to learn that works around our busy schedules. Whether that’s on your commute to work, days off, or setting your alarm a little earlier we can grow and master our craft by a click of a button and even better from the comfort of our homes. Find an educator that loves what they do and that you can as as any questions as you want to, however ridiculous they might be. If you don’t ask, you won’t learn.”
Grace Dalgleish, Brooks and Brooks


And when in-person education comes back in full force, bear these two tips in mind …

Think about what scares you

“The first thing you need to do is look at your own skills and knowledge. What are you missing? What type of client would make you run for the hills? Those are the skills you are missing and should build a training programme round those. You may love cutting bobs, but if it’s long hair that scares you, look at long hair courses.”
Akin Konizi, international creative director, HOB Academy

Find an environment where you feel confident

“When I’m educating I always try to create a fun and open environment where the teacher isn’t the only voice being heard. I want the students to feel comfortable and confident enough to open up and share why they are there or if they don’t understand something. I always want to make my sessions relatable to a real-life situation – something they can take back to their salons. Sometimes education classes can be unrealistic. As experienced hairdressers it’s our responsibility to pass on our skills and knowledge to the next generation. The students may be there to learn from you, but as an educator, you also learn something every time you teach.”
Cos Sakkas, head of education, Toni & Guy

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