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What Hairdressing Training Taught Top Hairdressers

by sophieh / August 8, 2008

Great hairdressing training stays with you for the rest of your career. We asked a selection of leading hairdressers what they learnt during their training that has stayed with them today.


“Make sure you practice long hair while you are training. Working with long hair gives you a great advantage, you get noticed in the hair salon and I believe creative opportunities can come from this. It has certainly helped me in my hairdressing career. Our salons have a reputation for long hair work and these clients often become regulars for cutting and colouring too.” Andrew Collinge


“When I was training to be a hairdresser the most important thing I learnt was whatever is happening in your life, you always present yourself with a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards your team and to your clients. I have put this in practice throughout all aspects of my career from working with my team to teaching hair courses and seminars and presenting shows. It certainly makes my working life much more enjoyable and successful.” Charles Worthington


“I found the final test at the end of my hairdresser training, where I had to present a small show, very stressful. However it gave me a touch of experience which became so important later in my career when I had to create bigger shows for larger audiences. That first small test show experience was one I never forgot so make sure you take something from it and get feedback.”

Antoinette Beenders

Trevor-Sorbie-Training.jpg“During my hairdressing training I learnt discipline and for me this is the basis of any career that you want to succeed in. It’s all about learning not to take short cuts – even though this can take longer, it’s important to learn the right way. This is a discipline that still lives in me today and something that I teach to my staff.”  Trevor Sorbie

anthony-Mascolo-training.jpg“The most important thing that I learnt from my own training is that learning is an ongoing process. Education never stops and everyday you learn something new. As my career progressed and I became the educator I realised that you also learn a lot from those you teach and that is an amazing thing. This is one of the reasons I am so committed to developing the next generation and sharing all my ideas and new techniques. It is the greatest way to personally grow.” Anthony Mascolo

Tim-Hartley-training.jpg“The most important thing I learnt during my hairdressing training was patience, something that is in short supply when you are very young. I learned that it doesn’t work to take shortcuts and if you want something to be beautiful you have to take your time. Even today this still translates into the work I do.” Tim Hartley



“During my extensive career, I’ve discovered the importance of having exceptionally high standards and that attention to detail is paramount to running a successful hair salon. This can be applied to all aspects of salon business from client care to staff appearance, to maintaining the highest standard of service that your clients have come to expect from you.”

Jo Hansford



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