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Wella Professionals HUSH Club Hosts Sassoon Academy

by rachael / March 25, 2013

Wella Professionals HUSH Club
Wella Professionals HUSH Club welcomed Edward Darley, Bruce Masefield and the Sassoon Academy team for the latest evening of hairdressing inspiration.
More than 80 hairdressers from across the company attended the show, which saw Bruce and Edward share not only their beautiful work but also the secrets behind a successful working relationship.
The team presented models from their latest MUSE Collection while explaining how the looks could be brought to the salon to inspired both clients and fellow employees in the salon.
Closing an inspiring evening, both agreed that creativity leads to productivity and that listening to juniors on the salon floor can often be the best source of true raw creativity.
To find out more about Wella Professionals HUSH Club and how you can get on the guestlist, click here.



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