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Trevor Sorbie Gives Back With 'My New Hair'

by sophieh / last updated June 9, 2008


trevorimage.jpgReinventing clients’ appearances and helping to boost their self-esteem is one of the many aspects that makes hairdressing one of the most rewarding career choices.

Trevor Sorbie MBE has taken that aspect of his business to another level by creating ‘My New Hair’, a wig personalisation service for clients suffering from illnesses such as cancer and alopecia.

‘My New Hair’ came about after Trevor helped a family member who was undergoing treatment for cancer.  He says: “Coping with illness is very traumatic and to have the added stress of hair loss can be devastating.

“Hairdressers are very involved with their clients’image and providing this service is an additional way to enrich a client’s life during this sensitive time.”

Trevor adds: “Finding a cure for cancer and alopecia is a medical task, but supporting the well-being of these people suffering the effects demands much more than a doctor can provide.”

Trevor’s aim for the My New Hair project is an ambitious one – to make this wig personalisation service accessible to women around the UK and, in the long term, the world – and he has already helped numerous women to feel better about themselves.

“I have so far helped several hundred women whose reactions have provided me with a whole new dimension in job satisfaction.

“This is not about earning money, its about using my skills to give people something truly meaningful and now my hand-picked peers accross the UK are joining me to do the same.

“Having had such a successful and happy career in hairdressing I am proud to be able to give something back.”

In keeping with his ambitious goal, Trevor is now looking for more hairdressers to support the cause. 

He explains: “I think the creation of My New Hair has raised awareness of how industry professionals are able to get more involved in helping worthy causes.

“This year we are holding seminars where fellow professionals can come along and learn the art of wig cutting and more about the work of My New Hair, directly from me.

“I would urge any stylists who are interested in learning more about what we do to come along to.”

My New Hair Training Seminar Dates 2010

  • 13 April- London International Academy
  • 17 May – London International Academy
  • 4 July – Manchester Academy
  • 13 July – London International Academy
  • 9 September – London International Academy
  • 12 October – London International Academy
  •  25 October – Manchester Academy
  • 30 November – London International Academy 

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