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20 Questions with Paul Falltrick

by rachael / last updated July 28, 2011


Name: Paul Falltrick
Age: 41
Salon: Paul Falltrick Hairdressing
Paul Falltrick started his career at John Frieda and also worked as an assistant to Nicky Clarke gaining expertise in shoots, stage work and shows.
Paul now has two salons in Essex as well as a state-of-the-art training academy. He is also artistic director for Matrix and BaByliss Pro, travelling extensively with the brands and regularly undertaking shoots for them.
1. What is your biggest achievement? 
Winning Eastern Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards.
2. If you weren’t a hairdresser what would you be?
Definitely a designer but using a computer – I love my gadgets. Alternatively, something to do with music.
3. How would your clients describe you?
Down-to-earth and honest
4. Which one style do you wish you had created?
I’m so inspired by others’ creations that there’s not just one. When I see a show I’m genuinely pleased for that person’s achievements, but I do get a little taste in the mouth that says ‘I wish I’d done it!’
5. Who is your style icon?
Vivienne Westwood, she’s eccentric and her designs are inspired.
6. Who is your hairdressing idol?
Robert Lobetta. He’s forward thinking and a true inspiration.
7. Which hairdresser would you most like to work with (past or present)? 
It has to be Leonard; there are thousands of questions I’d like to ask him.
8. Who cuts your hair?
Any of the stylists in my team.
9. Favourite part of the job?
Pushing myself. I treat every haircut as though it’s my last so that I continue to hone my skills, ensuring every cut is better than the one before.
10. Who is your most famous client, past or present?
A gentleman never tells…
11. Last time you were lost for words?
My daughter said to me, “Daddy I’m going to hold a craft show in the salon to raise money for HaiRaising.” Afterwards everyone had trinkets she made up in the salon – astounding.
12. Which one product couldn’t you live without?
Matrix Essentials Amplify Root Lifter
13. Is there anything about the industry that makes you mad?
14. What’s the biggest gaffe you’ve made in your career?
It happened years ago but it’s embarrassing still admitting it now – I once turned up to a trip with an out-of-date passport! Now I carry two…
15. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?
Always employ people better than you.
16. Last time you were star-struck?
When I saw Nick Cave in Hong Kong airport.
17. Time you were most proud to be in hairdressing?
When I opened my own salon and academy.
18. What celebrity haircut do you wish had never caught on?
She may be at the top of the trends now, but Kylie Minogue’s ‘Neighbours Scrunch’ should have stopped in the soaps!
19. What haircut would you love to make a come-back and how would you re-invent it for the noughties?
The Firefly from Sassoon. It was an extremely technical cut that could be softened down to look beautiful; it’s a part of history.
20. Sleek and shiny or messy bed hair?
Messy on Tuesday, Wednesday go for sleek…it changes everyday of the week! 

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