15 Things You Need in Your Hairdressing Kitbag from Day One

by akesha / last updated June 8, 2022

hairdressing kitbag

Just starting out in the industry? Well you’ll need to be well equipped. These are the 15 things you need in your hairdressing kitbag from day one if you want to be a well-prepared stylist.

  1. Scissors
    These are your third arm and you can’t cut hair without them. Invest in a pair of scissors that you love and treat them with care. You may want to sign up for a scissor maintenance programme to have them re-balanced or sharpened if they start to perform less efficiently.
  2. Cutting comb
    Rather like your scissors, you’ll never want to be without a decent comb. Combs can vary in size, teeth width and material (plastic or metal). They are relatively inexpensive so experiment until you find the one that suits you.
  3. A brush
    Which brushes you use comes down to personal taste. A vent brush is great for a natural finish, but you might be more comfortable with a paddle brush. You may also want a round brush and a dressing out brush in your kit.
  4. A hairdryer
    You may find your salon has an established relationship with an electrical manufacturer, which means you’ll need to use a specific hairdryer. If you’re able to select your own electrical kit, think about the weight of the dryer, its heat and speed settings, cord length and whether it has the nozzles or adapters that best suit your craft.
  5. Styling irons
    Whether you want a straight finish, curls or waves, styling irons are the perfect tool. When it comes to choosing your irons, things to consider include the temperature they operate at, whether there is a cooler setting for clients with fine hair and the size and shape of the iron.
  6. Section clips
    No matter what hairstyle you are cutting, you’re going to need to section the client’s hair. You can use metal sectioning clips, but plastic clips are more practical if you’re going to be using heat.
  7. Kirby grips
    If you have clients who want to have their hair put up, then you’ll need kirby grips. Make sure you have a selection of sizes and colours to match any client’s needs and hair colour.
  8. A water spray
    If you wet-cut hair, then you’ll need a mechanism to dampen it if it is drying too quickly. You can pick up a water spray cheaply from your wholesaler.
  9. A razor with a pack of clean blades
    The trend for long, layered looks has brought about an increase in the popularity of razor cutting. To give clients the soft textured styles they crave, you’ll need a good quality razor and a set of replacement blades.
  10. A neck brush
    A necessity to clean the client up after you cut their hair.
  11. A smart phone
    Just finished a client you think looks incredible? Then you’ll need your phone on hand to take a photo. With the client’s permission you should also use your phone to share your work on social media. Apps on your smart phone can also be used as a consultation tool or use them to take notes about the client’s hairstyles and any conversations you may have had. Here are tips on taking the perfect Instagram hair pictures.
  12. A notepad and pen
    If you’re old-school or work in a salon with a ‘no phones policy’ then any notes or client records will need to be taken the old fashioned way.
  13. Your best outfit
    Not technically in your kitbag, but you’ll definitely want to look the part from day one. A great outfit choice will make you look and feel confident and give your new colleagues and future clients the right impression about you.
  14. A smile
    Rather like the way you dress, a smile will have a huge impact on the way people perceive you.
  15. A decent bag or carrying case
    You’ll want a great looking bag with sections for your kit. Keep it clean and tidy to ensure you look professional at all times and can always find the tools that you need. You can choose a bag in a design to complement your kit. Kit bags come in all shapes and sizes including pouches that can be worn around your waist while you are working.

Have you got all of these in your hairdressing kitbag? Make sure you’re prepared to smash whatever your first day throws at you!

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