Welcome to HJ’s Sustainability Week: The Official Schedule

by kieran / last updated April 29, 2022

HJ Sustainability Week

HJ’s Sustainability Week 2022 is taking place between Monday 25 April to Friday 29 April to help champion eco-friendly practices.

We’ll be speaking with experts, bringing you the latest innovations and offering tips on how you can make your salon as sustainable as possible for an entire week! Supported by our sponsors L’Oréal Professional Products, Kao Salon Division and Davines.

HJ’s editor Charlotte Grant-West says: “It feels like the topic of sustainability has been bubbling under the surface for the last couple of years – but now it is seen by the majority as an issue that affects all of us and needs to be dealt with by all of us. With a client base that’s demanding sustainable practices, the industry is really taking action. We hope HJ’s Sustainability Week will give you simple ways to show your clients you are making eco-friendly choices. By doing your bit for the planet on behalf of your clients you will make them feel good about choosing to come into your salon. Plus if you make the right eco choices you can potentially save money for your business in the long-run too especially as energy prices soar, so it’s a move that could benefit business in more ways than one.”

Check out the schedule below, updated with links daily:

Monday 25 April

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Salon More Sustainable

6 ways you can minimise plastic in your salon

Tuesday 26 April, sponsored by L’Oréal Professional Products

2022’s Sustainable Heroes

L’Oréal Products Division: Hairstylists for the Future

Wednesday 27 April, sponsored by Kao Salon Division 

Recycling Decoded: What These Recycling Symbols Mean

Kao Salon Division: Making Life Beautiful For Everyone

Thursday 28 April, sponsored by Davines

Are You and Your Salon Sustainable Enough?

Davines: Spearheading Sustainability

Friday 29 April

Going Green with L’Oréal Pro Salon Owner Andrew Mulvenna

HJ’s Guide to the Professional Hair Brands on a Sustainable Mission

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