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Welcome to HJ’s Stress-Busting Week 2020: The Official Schedule

by kieran / last updated October 29, 2020

Stress Busting Week

HJ’s Stress-Busting Week sponsored by Wella Professionals is taking place from Monday 2 November to Sunday 8 November, designed to help anyone working in the tumultuous world of hair during these challenging and unpredictable times. We aim to provide daily business, educational and inspirational content that will help tackle high stress levels for those working in the industry.

Hairdressers Journal International’s editor Laura Husband says: “HJ’s first ever Stress-Busting Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals coincides with International Stress Awareness Week. There’s no doubt about it – this year has brought with it more stress, anxiety and challenges than ever before on both a personal and professional level.

“The hairdressing industry has really pulled together this year and the team at Hairdressers Journal International is extremely proud to be a part of it. We can’t imagine what it’s like working in full PPE everyday and there’s also the on-going worries about whether your salon or independent business can remain open with the COVID-19 situation changing everyday.

“We really hope HJ’s Stress-Busting Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals will give you the tools you need to manage any feelings of stress and anxiety. We’ll also be sharing expert hints and tips for small ways you can add some much-needed fun into your daily routine, which of course you can share with your client’s too!”

HJ’s Stress-Busting Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals, schedule:

HJ’s Stress-Busting Week will include everything from expert advice on achieving the perfect work-life balance, easy-to-do stretches to relieve muscle and joint strain, and a host of feel good playlists to ensure you start the day with a smile on your face. It’s not to be missed!

Click any link down below to read HJ’s Stress-Busting Week content which will be updated as the week progresses:

Monday 2 November

Why The Wellbeing of Your Salon Staff Should Be Priority

Tuesday 3 November

How to Help with Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues in Apprentices

How to Fight Fatigue and Stress as a Hairdresser

Wednesday 4 November

These Hairdresser Playlists are Guaranteed to Instantly Lift your Mood

A Random Act of Kindness: How People Showed They Cared During Lockdown

Thursday 5 November

Hairdressers’ Share Their Most Uplifting Hair Stories

How to Not Feel Lonely and Isolated as a Salon Owner

Friday 6 November

6 Mindfulness Tips For a Happier and More Productive Salon Team

Saturday 7 November

These Simple Stretches can Help Ease Hairdresser Aches and Joint Pain

Could Mindfulness Help Generate Extra Revenue in Salon?

Sunday 8 November

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress in the Barbershop

5 Ways to Turn a Client Complaint into a Positive


HJ’s Stress-Busting Week is sponsored by Wella Professionals. For more information about Wella Professionals or to connect with their team, follow them on social media via Facebook and Instagram

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