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This is How you get the Best Instagram Pictures for your Clients

by akesha / last updated January 30, 2019

Instagram pictures

If you just take a glimpse at the Not Another Salon and Not Another Academy Instagram feeds you can see that owner Sophia Hilton knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to social media.

Apps such as Instagram are amazing free marketing tools for your salon to be noticed by millions of potential clients so if you’re not investing time in this area of your business you might be doing yourself a disservice. It’s Sophia’s all encompassing approach to marketing that saw her scoop up her Marketing Award at the 2017 British Hairdressing Business Awards.

These are Sophia’s tips on how to create standout Instagram pictures for your salon’s feed.

1.Don’t be a sheep
Yes, it’s great to have a clean background, maybe that white wall at the back of the salon but be wary of your Instagram looking like everyone else’s. Is there a part of the salon with character that will set your images apart? Being unique is important in a sea of the same.

2. Drop your curly blow-dry
Learn to style really, really well. Forget your colours, images are about styling. Sadly no matter how good you are at a curly blow dry you’re never going to get that to look good on camera so get your tongs out and drop your round brush.

3 . Put down the products.
Shine spray is the devil, as is serum and oil. It can add moisture in spots which only show up when you take a picture. if you want to add a product, honestly wait to till after the image has been taken. With hairspray, only spray when you have her in the exact spot you need her for the image and not before.

4. Get a ring light
Are you pulling your hair out because you know it is actually better than what’s showing up on screen? Then buy a ring light. And don’t give me any of this ‘my boss won’t pay for one’ rubbish. This is your career, chip in with the team and buy it yourself, no boss is going to moan when in six months time you are all busy and driving in loads of money.

Lead Image – courtesy of INNOluxe 

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