Wow your clients with tbh – true beautiful honest - hair colour

2019 is the year where beauty meets authenticity and people demand results that enhance and beautify their natural assets.

To help your clients embrace the resurgence of #nofilter beauty, Schwarzkopf Professional has unveiled the innovative tbh - true beautiful honest permanent hair colours.

True illuminating the hair’s natural highs and lows

Beautiful shimmering powdery tones

Honest in its formulation with up to 92% naturally derived ingredients

The tbh – true beautiful honest colour portfolio respects and illuminates the hair´s natural highs and lows, providing natural-looking results with up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage.

Get creative with 26 colours across three distinct colour worlds to achieve beautifully authentic results:



Give your clients naturally beautiful results that have their friends wondering ‘has she, or hasn’t she?’ with 6 Neutral Tones with a soft touch of chocolate.



Create on-trend results with modern smoky tones that help counteract underlying warmth. There are 13 Cool Shades all based on the Schwarzkopf Professional numbering system to make it easy for you to choose.



Help your clients to achieve rich and luxurious results with the 7 Warm Shades that are muted by rose undertones.

These results-driven formulas have been crafted with up to 92% naturally derived ingredients. Enhanced with performance drivers and HEP, a specific colour dye known to reduce the risk of developing allergies*, you’ll be able to guarantee reliable colour results.


50% Less Ammonia

Up to 50% less ammonia vs. standard permanent colour


Grape Seed Oil

Leaves the hair with a natural touch of shine

To be inspired to achieve the very best results from these shimmering powdery tones don’t miss these exclusive video tutorials with Australian session stylist Victoria Hunter.


*Although the risk of developing a new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of an allergic reaction that can be severe. Always perform a Skin Test 48 hours before each colour. If you ever identify a reaction after the allergy test, you must not perform the full colour. Strictly follow the safety instructions and consult www.schwarzkopf-professional.com.