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The Most Advanced Bespoke App in the Salon Industry – Designed by You, Built by Phorest

by laurahusband / last updated February 12, 2020

Advanced Bespoke App

Imagine if every time your clients opened their phones, they saw your salon’s logo on their home screen. Now, imagine if every time your clients wanted to book an appointment, they could do it anytime, anywhere and simply at the touch of a button.

What is an advanced bespoke app?

Phorest, the leading software choice for the salon industry has relaunched its salon-branded app, which is offered exclusively to its clients to help salons stand out from their competitors and own their digital brand. Your clients are spending more time buying, browsing and booking via their phone, with a whopping 46% of treatments booked while your salon is closed.

In an industry first, the Phorest salon-branded app gives you full control of your branded app with bespoke themes and colours to match your identity. The app allows salon owners to choose styles ranging from luxury to hipster and everything in between and is fully integrated with the Phorest software, allowing you to own your brand across multiple platforms. Your colours, themes and styles selected in the app, will carry through to your email marketing campaigns. The best part is that salons won’t have to employ expensive developers or find designers who ‘get’ their brand – it’s all built in the Phorest experience on the right package.

Not only are clients able to book appointments in the app, they will also have access to their own personal photo gallery. Finally, you can store and share your client’s best looks with this advanced bespoke app.

We all know that we live in a fast-paced world where people want quick results and the ease of achieving these results is key. Therefore, offering your clients an app for your salon is a way of keeping up with consumer behaviour. The app has a large impact on booking experiences as it significantly reduces the steps it takes to make an appointment. This is an ideal solution for the ever growing time-poor society.

Available on Apple or Android, it’s time to upgrade your client’s user experience and own your online brand.

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