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HJ Upskills: 5 Ways to Boost the Mood of Your Salon Team During Lockdown 3.0

by charlottegw / last updated January 14, 2021

boost mood salon team lockdown

In lockdown, and without day-to-day contact, it can be hard to boost the mood of your team. But it’s not impossible as these five salon owners prove. They share the ways you can help to lift spirits during Lockdown 3.

“As a salon we have created a mindfulness experience for clients and we’re always keen to embrace this as a team.  We’ve enjoy regular yoga classes together and we pride ourselves on our open door policy.  When we opened the salon 12 months ago we decided not to have a salon manager but instead a team of managers that can all help each other and support our salon ethos of mindfulness. During last year’s lockdown we always kept our team up to speed with the business and we believe that was also key for them in feeling secure.”
Dan Mewies, founder of Mewies & Co and Authentic Beauty Concept UK Ambassador

‘These times can be hard for a lot of people so I think it is important that we are checking with each other and offering support where we can. Organise weekly zoom calls: whether is for a quiz night of just simple for a catch up and set up a Whatsapp group chat for checking in, this could also be where you share any creative ideas but it is important not to lose connection with each other. Always encourage open communication: A big one for me is listening to what your team members have to say. We do this on a daily basis in salon and we need to keep it up during lockdown.”
OSMO IKON ambassador Becky Sutherland and owner of Lush Hair Salon, Meadowfields, Durham

“Who motivates the motivator? As a salon owner you have to be positive and imaginative in order to have any success at motivating your team. Use this lockdown time wisely and get all those jobs done that you never have time to do – and get you yourself motivated again. Go on an online course that you wouldn’t usually have time to do. Looking after yourself and keeping your own “cup full” means you can then in turn motivate everyone else. As they say you can’t pour from an empty cup. Celebrate things together as a team, even if it is virtually. We have our first salon baby and we are doing a virtual baby shower. We will be playing games, eating cake and laughing and bonding together on something that isn’t hair.”
Melissa Timperley, Melissa Timperley Salons Manchester

“Social media challenges are a great way of boosting fun in your team. Last lockdown TikTok went crazy with “pass the hairbrush challenges” where salon teams passed a brush from one team member to another and the hairbrush magically transformed them from tracksuits to full glam attire! This is a really fun challenge for teams to do and it’s a great excuse to get glammed up if nothing else! Once your team is all dolled up and in their glad rags, why not host a Zoom Come Dine With Me event where you all cook the same recipe or forget the food and go straight for the cocktails? As the salon owner, you can easily go online and order everything your team needs to make your cocktail of choice! If you are wondering how you can support your salon team’s mental wellbeing in lockdown The Resilient Hairdresser’s Manage Your Mood course is open to group bookings. Hayley Jepson is a trained counsellor and hairdresser, she knows better than anyone the challenges we are facing as an industry and can support your team in this very strange time.”
Vivienne Johns, The Hairdressers’ Social Club
“We ensure that we have a weekly meeting every Thursday morning at 10.00am. Each meeting will include a different topic for example next Thursday I will be demonstrating a mullet cut on a mannequin head. Weather-permitting I also try to arrange various cycling trips with colleagues, 1 at a time of course. It really does help to boost moral and it is so important to get out and exercise during these times. We are also using the time we have to do staff appraisals on zoom, this time gives us the chance to look at areas which need praising and also improving.”
Anne Veck, owner Anne Veck Oxford and Bicester salons

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