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New Luxury Colour House is Unveiled at Salon International

by laurahusband / last updated October 16, 2018

Luxury colour

Balmain Paris launched its first luxury colour range at Salon International. Couleurs Couture features a palette of 61 intermixable colours that are subdivided into 15 shade families and can be used to create an exclusive in-salon spa experience.

The haute couture collection is designed to give clients personalised spa colour. The range, which features the same ‘numberisation’ as other colour houses, makes it easy to go bespoke, whether your client wants a temporary change, a complete colour overhaul or a base shade boost.

Balmain Paris’s marketing director Dawn Reilly explained the personalised spa colour can be presented in front of the salon and it is designed to be mixed in front of the client for a full spa experience. The colours feature coconut oil, flaxseed oil and organ elixir. The range aims to reconstruct while colouring, the pure pigments give reliable results and the compact collection is designed for tailor-made services.

Each treatment is provided with a supplementary salon service, which includes a personalised home maintenance consultation and special aftercare treatment as the first step of a good colour care routine.

National sales manager Pete Statham said the brand aims to have the luxury colour range in 16 salons before Christmas and it will be rolled in 2019.



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