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Ground-Breaking Creativity from Team Trevor Sorbie at Salon Live

by kate woods / last updated October 22, 2018

trevor sorbie

The brightest talents from the Trevor Sorbie Art Team and Young Artistic Team proved that anything is possible when you look at hair differently in their Salon Live show at Salon International.

The presentation showcased five very different collections that shared a common theme: they were all new and exciting with ground-breaking creativity.

“I’m really excited about the show,” said Trevor on a video that introduced his team. “There’s something for everyone: cutting colour and, of course, some avant garde. Expect the unexpected.”

Opening the show was Artistic Director Tom Connell and his innovative collection Variations on a Theme.

“I was interested in taking haircuts and hair dressing that shouldn’t work together; they’re exact opposites,” explained Tom. “I started with classic graduation and a classic ponytail.  They really shouldn’t fit together, but I wanted to see if they could.”

Tom presented the results and also recreated another of his fascinating concepts – a juxtaposition of classic French styling through the front married with grungy wet-look hair at the back – live on stage.

Creative Stylist Caroline presented Details her beautiful editorial avant garde work with a floral theme. She demonstrated how to tease out braided wefts to create elegant hair flowers before wowing the crowd with a stunning flower print made by sprinkling hair dust onto a reverse stencil.

Next it was the turn of Ryan Forsyth and James Bacon to bring to life their creative cuts from the Grey Area collection. James worked with the contrasting textures of structured waves over thinned-out straight lengths as he set about recreating a magic moment of witnessing the relationship of the rain and the clouds during a storm.

He and Ryan admitted that their ideas hadn’t always been in tune, as Ryan showcased his concept of a  haircut that was entirely made of tufts. “I’m often drawn to weird things,” said Ryan.  “I like the idea of something that stops you in your tracks and makes you want to take note,” he added as he presented his pixie-inspired creation.

Presentation four saw Head of Education Tiziana di Marcelli and Art Director Mai Ha present two of the looks from Vermilion, the collection that has taken them into the finals of the Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year competition.

“Even though it’s avant garde we wanted it to look really beautiful, compact and simple. Not overpowering,” said Mai as she cleverly weaved red wefts through the top of a ponytail for a simple, but effective look.

Working alongside Mai, Tiziana showcased a stunning burned orange creation that used fine tongs to create a waterfall-type texture.

An exciting pop of colour was brought to the show by the next generation of talent, young artistic team member Ben Bradley. To create his Marble collection, Ben mixed bright bold colour pigments with hair gel before artfully drizzling blobs of contrasting colours onto cropped hair. The colours were then swirled together to create a wow factor.

With the creative work completed it was time for Trevor to take to the stage. He was brimming with pride about his young team, but saved his biggest accolades for Artistic Director, Tom.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have attracted some of the world’s best hairdressers like Eugene Souleiman, Antoinette Beenders, Sally and Jamie Brooks and then one of the finest hairdressers in the world right now, Angelo Seminara. I need to find a new protégé and I’m putting all my money on this man, Tom. You’re going to be seeing a lot of him,” he concluded.

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