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Celebrating Patrick Cameron’s Heritage at Salon Live

by kate woods / last updated October 22, 2018

patrick cameron

Patrick Cameron brought the fun factor to the Salon Live stage when he released Heritage, his 25th collection, in his trademark effervescent style.

Taking to the stage on Monday, Patrick explained that he had chosen student day because he was excited to pass on his experience of dressing hair to a new generation. “You have to be generous with your knowledge,” he explained, “The reason we have called this collection Heritage is we have 25 years of working together and I have 27 years of experience of creating beautiful hair. So we are saying ‘invest in our heritage for your future’.

For the first time, Patrick was joined on stage by creative director Marco Erbo, who reflected on his time working with the long-hair magician. “It’s been a very beautiful journey,” said Marco. “There has been one thing I’ve learned: you have to learn to adapt to stay up to date and stay inspired.”

They were ably assisted by Merita Spahiu from Barking and Dagenham College, who had impressed Patrick with her attention to detail to win the #WinWithPatrick Instagram competition.

Heritage has a huge emphasis on braids, but Patrick was determined to add his own unique stamp by combining techniques to create different textures that will give hairdressers a professional edge. “Because braiding is such a big deal on Instagram and online, we have to keep it fresh and keep pushing new techniques and ideas that will excite both us and our clients,” he explained.

He used an original technique that combined knots, twists and weaves for an intricate braided effect that was finished with soft brushed out waves, and emphasised the importance of breaking his complex creations into bite-sized elements.

“Step by step is the most important thing. You can never approach everything all at once you have to break it down into little pieces,” he told the audience while showcasing his innovative technique.

Presentation two used his latest creation, the Patricky hair pad, to create volume for an up-do and a half-up-half-down look with a bouffant through the top and soft loose texture through the ends. “All our clients want that softer look, they don’t really want hard hair,” he said.

For the final look, Patrick used a clever crossover technique to create the criss-crossed effect of corsetry weaving, which he explained wasn’t difficult, just repetitious.

As he gently teased out the hair, he explained: “When you work with long hair, always keep it a little bit rough. Don’t make it perfect. Play around with it to make it a bit rougher through the back of the hair.”

The models then took to the stage for a thrilling finale, as the student crowd cheered emphatically it became clear that the Patrick Cameron Heritage is already having quite an impact on another generation of hairdressers.

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