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This is Probably the Main Reason you Need to Attend Salon International 2019

by akesha / last updated October 2, 2019

british hairdressing awards gallery

Sure there are thousands of reasons we can (and have) listed why you need to attend Salon International 2019, but there is one reason that probably trumps them all – the British Hairdressing Awards Gallery.

The British Hairdressing Awards sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional takes place on Monday 25 November 2019 and the winners will be crowned in front of their industry peers. But ahead of that you have the opportunity to see the finalists’ collections in real life at the designated gallery at Salon International.

It’s the only chance that you ever get to see the images all together along with the names of the hairdresser than created them.

As you walk through category by category it’s hard to not be inspired by the the talent on show. Comparing each side by side you can pick your favourites and before the results are announced in November.

The gallery, which is located at stand Y170, is often British Hairdressing Awards finalists’ first and favourite stop at Salon International as they get to see their creations amongst the rest and watch nervously as attendees consider, critique and admire their work. No photography or recording is permitted in the gallery so it’s a safe space for you to take in the inspiration and enjoy the experience away from the crowds of the rest of the exhibition.

Entrance to the gallery is free once you have your Salon International ticket so make sure you get it on your agenda for your visit! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet then click here to book online before Friday 4 October!

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