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Harking Back to 1970s Glam Pop at the Mahogany Salon Seminar 2019

by akesha / last updated October 10, 2019

1970’s rock and pop culture and precise London tailoring captured by an iconic photographer inspired the latest collection showcased in the Mahogany Salon Live show 2019.

Known universally for flawless, precision cutting and remarkable hair colour – Mahogany’s creative teams worked with ease to bring its company ethos to life on the Salon Seminar stage via its Glam Pop collection.

Graduation, over direction, layers, long triangular front panels and head-hugging defined silhouettes vied for attention while being showcased alongside a myriad of eye-catching subtle and strong colour techniques.

Glam Pop was inspired by 1970s rock and pop culture, as seen in the personal look of photographer Esther Friedman, the then girlfriend of outrageous crazy rocker, Iggy Pop. Her own look and the swagger of the 1970s, coupled with the distinctive tailoring of designer Tommy Nutter sit at the core of the collection.

The educative seminar which brought it to life was led by the company’s artistic powerhouse: senior creative director Neil Atkinson, international creative director Colin Greaney and UK creative director Antony Licata.

First up was a colour demonstration showing different takes on a sunrise and sunset theme. Sunrise shades –yellow, lavender, heather, red, blue and teal green – were translucent and hazy in effect. Sunset hues were of the same colour family but darker, moodier. Application was either freehand or by using Colour Wraps which, due to their curved shape, (as opposed to a foil) make for ease of product application on creative shapes and sections.

You must be thoroughly skilled in the seven foundation haircuts to confidently design a look totally compatible to the person in your chair.

Stressing the importance of being thoroughly skilled in the seven foundation haircuts to confidently design a look totally compatible to the person, the cutting demos evidenced the technical mastery for which Mahogany – currently celebrating its 40th anniversary – is famed. Exciting shapes showed sharp symmetrical silhouettes or cuts with over directed sections led to veils of hair and slivers of irregular lengths. Technical graduation and invisible disconnection made for shattered loose outlines and disconnected lengths. Technical mastery at its finest.

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