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The Perfect Salon Experience – What Your Salon Says About You

by charlottegw / last updated February 17, 2022

In the first of our series on experiential design in partnership with Takara Belmont, we look at how a salon’s interior can bring to life the ethos of your salon with Butchers.

Who better than Butchers, a salon group with four outposts and who describe themselves as warm, sustainable and industrial, to give some insight into how their salon interior reflects their mission. “We are eco-conscious, sustainable and use plant-based products and colour by Aveda, so our design had to reflect this,” explains Susannah Richardson, director of Butchers.

In all of the salons (Shoreditch, Camden, Hoxton and Leicester) the colour palette is natural, ranging
from shades of terracotta to taupe. There’s lots of texture (think soft sofas and polished concrete) and the materials are raw and locally sourced wherever possible – in both Hoxton and Camden branches the floor is 150-year old wood reclaimed from a Polish factory.

The layout of the salon and the way clients move through the space was integral for the team to map out: “As retail is such an integral part of our business, our guests are greeted with a beautifully displayed retail shelf and aroma filled experience as soon as they walk in. We designed our colour mixing station to be in the centre of the space so it feels more interactive and transparent, just like us.” Susanna states that a good salon interior should feel relaxing, thought-through and immersive. “The flow of the space is so important, as is the aroma and music!” she adds. Butchers are proud to use ethical, vegan refreshments so they brought their kitchenette into the guest space, so ‘everything is out in the open’.

No matter your budget, Butchers has proved that you can bring to life your salon’s ethos. Butchers Shoreditch was created on a ‘very small budget’ back in 2014, but the team worked with what they had so it feels different from the other branches – “we had different taste back then,” admits Susannah. But one thing they all have in common? “All our spaces have classic, mid-century style chairs from Takara Belmont, reclaimed wood, dried flowers, beautiful old pots and a beautiful aroma,” Susannah adds. Invest in design that has longevity and purpose, and your clients will experience the ‘real you’ as soon as they step through the door.

Recreate the Look

Launched in 2018, the Vintage Alt collection uses traditional textures, materials and manufacturing techniques to create authentic vintage pieces. With wooden armrests, a hand-studded backrest, and retro styling that’s convincing in every way, the A1201 styling chair embodies traditional values and a vintage aesthetic. Enhanced with modern engineering it perfectly complements the look and approach at Butchers. Meanwhile, Zen Mirror from Takara Belmont’s nature-inspired Zen collection is crafted using natural textures and tones that’s ideal for salons looking to create an interior design inspired by Butchers. Find more at

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See the full article in our March issue of HJ, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Takara Belmont

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