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Let’s Talk Salon Interiors – Are you Equipped for Success?

by akesha / last updated March 6, 2020

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With hairdressing businesses looking for ways to attract new customers as well as retaining existing ones, growing incomes and expanding, sometimes we’re drawn to big ideas and major investments when the simplest of ideas and smartest of moves can have just as much impact.

Being as creative in your business decisions as you are with a pair of scissors can lead to significant revenue growth, whilst seeing your clients more engaged and open to new ideas, and delivering real income boosts that can transform your year into one of unimagined success.

Leading salon furniture and equipment expert Takara Belmont give us their take on smart and how salons and men’s hairdressers can achieve greater success in the year ahead.

Upscaling: Traditional shaves and shampoos

Before going for grandiose schemes, look at what you already have and think about how you can upscale existing services to elevate the customer experience and charge a premium.

For example, the growth of men’s grooming has seen a sharp rise in the demand for traditional shaves. If you’re not already providing this service, then do. It can be added to your service menu really quickly and easily and, by adding small equipment pieces, this standard service becomes an experience that men will happily pay more for. “The mini-cabi hot towel cabinet adds gravitas to a hot towel shave and with a little training on how to perform the perfect wet-shave, this addition to your service menu can be a real feature that’s very profitable too,” says Katie Wrighton, Takara Belmont’s national sales manager.

“There’s so much training available to perfect shaving techniques and if you want to go a stage further, add head and facial massages, facial cleansing and other men’s beauty treatments. These can all be delivered at the styling station and, as well as adding a point of difference, every service experience is an opportunity to introduce new income streams.”

Hairdressing salons can offer much to their female clientele. “Colour is key to the business of many salons and these services can be easily enhanced with mobile processing technology, such as the Spa Mist II. Not only does this equipment enhance the colour service, it reduces processing time and delivers better colour outcomes resulting in tangibly healthier, shinier hair. Ingeniously, Spa Mist II performs scalp cleansing and other spa-style services such as hand care, as well as improving other chemical services such as treatments and perms.

Go VIP – Spa style

For a more ambitious slant on luxury, adding VIP to you service menu can be relatively simple. “Why not package the spa-style and shaving services to create special items on your menu? says Katie. “Create a Men’s Grooming Experience that includes a traditional hot towel shave, head and facial massage and haircut can command a premium price point.

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“Similarly, offering a Spa-style Colour and Conditioning Experience with a hair colour and intensive conditioning treatment, scalp cleansing and a hand-spa, will create a real USP by transforming everyday colour services into VIP experiences.”

If you want to upscale your VIP services even more, work in equipment such as the Yume DX or Yume Espoir. Katie Wrighton: “These luxury shampoo systems will take your service offering to the next level and our Salon Design Team can work with you to configure your layout and create a special VIP room or area if space permits.”

Is your space designed for salon life?

If you look at your salon, does it entice, create the right mood and reflect the services you offer and/or want to provide? Redesigning your salon can be as simple and inexpensive as making cosmetic changes such as redecorating, changing the pictures and other fixtures and lighting. It may also mean upgrading your furniture and equipment if it’s tired and outdated.

“Clients are drawn to salons because of the way they look and feel,” says Katie. “Of course customers expect great hairdressing but clients see salons as a sanctuary where they get some vital ‘me’ time, so creating the right experience comes down to every detail. Make sure your salon always looks and feels right so it’s a place clients want to spend quality time.’

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If it’s time for a complete rethink, Takara Belmont’s Salon Design Service could be for you. It’s free subject to minimum spends on their equipment. “We can bring a concept to life from scratch, upgrade an existing interior and, importantly, we plan the footprint around key services that will maximise your commercial potential.”

Don’t just follow trends: Be true to yourself

With certain colours, themes and genres of salons gaining varying degrees of popularity, such as Eco salons, colour bars and blow dry bars, the reality, according to Takara Belmont, is that ‘trends’ are eclectic and the preserve of the individual. Katie: “There are patterns but we find that every salon crafts its own identity. Hairdressers have a very individual sense of style, vision and purpose which is reflected in the eventual design.”

With so many inspiring salons from the bright and bold to the serene and green to the elegant and refined, the salon design scene is kaleidoscopic, dynamic and exciting. “Now is an exciting time to see your salon design, service experience and equipment in an individual way based around your identity and the customers you want to appeal to. Working in partnership, we can share your vision and bring it to life.”

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