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HJ Interiors: Step Inside A Spaceship Themed Salon

by charlottegw / last updated November 19, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what a spaceship-themed salon would look like, wonder no more! Hairdresser Colin Watkins has created a salon complete with customised silver trolleys, metallic-style cladding and even a suitably space age gown cupboard.

Space Age Studio 2000 Hair Salon in Shepperton is a perfect example of a salon that really stands out. We spoke to owner Colin to find out more about the unusual spaceship salon.

Have you always been interested in space travel?
Ever since I was a young child I have been fascinated by space travel, time travel, aliens and UFOs. So much so that from an early age I drew and built model rockets and flying saucers. It was my dream to travel into space.

Have you created any ‘out-there’ salon interiors before?
I have designed and fitted a few salons in the past but nothing quite like this one. I am now working on pushing the boundaries even more in futuristic design. I am looking to find ultimate modern equipment some of which has not been produced yet. l will be designing and working on some myself and would like to work with forward-thinking companies. Denman have been very supportive in supplying me with products to help create the finished look.

What has been the reaction from your clients?
The reaction from my clients has been unbelievable and they love being in the salon. Many of them want to take pictures to show their friends to encourage them to visit for a treatment. One lady sent a selfie from the salon to her friend who replied “Are you having your hair coloured in a space ship?”

Do people travel to your salon just to see the interior?
I have people and clients travelling from all over the UK. I also have many passers-by coming into the salon saying how they have never seen anything like it in their lives. I also specialise in hair art designs has been seen in almost every country in the world with an excellent response.

How long has Studio 2000 been around?
Studio 2000 has been around for over thirty years and undergone a few makeovers but nothing quite like this one. l have many more ideas on how to develop the futuristic appearance of the salon.

Are you planning on any more space additions to your salon?
I will be working on more futuristic additions, hi-tech equipment and effects for my salon. l am constantly searching for and sketching ideas. I have modified my trolleys because I could not find any with a completely silver finish and will continue to push forward in my work and design. I would also like design salons for others.

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