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HJ Interiors: Hair by JFK South Clerk Street Salon

by akesha / last updated January 14, 2019

Hair by JFK

Hair by JFK, which is renowned for it’s styling along side it’s dog-friendly interiors, have announced the launch of their brand new salon in Edinburgh’s South Clerk Street. With zebra ornaments and cacti on the shelves, Hair by JFK in South Clerk Street, Edinburgh isn’t your average salon…

Fact File
Name: Hair by JFK
Address: South Clerk Street, Edinburgh
Owner: Faruk Mohammed
Staff: 8
Budget: £35,000-£40,000

Hair by JFK – The salon

The salon is decked with the same style of quirky and cool features as Hair by JFK’s original Bruntsfield salon with green neon lighting and accessories, as well a host of plants for an indoor garden vibe.

Hair by JFK in Edinburgh’s South Clerk Street has been something of a ‘chameleon’ over the years. Originally starting off life as a hair salon, it was turned into a hair and make-up photographic studio by owner Faruk Mohammed for creative work. This summer, thanks to an increase in clients and staff at its sister salon, Bruntsfield, it was turned back into a salon.

The redesign brought clean and crisp white walls with colour pops of green paint, modern art sculptures, chrome fittings and of course, the zebra ornaments the salon has become known for. “I wanted to incorporate zebras into the salon because it represents our uniqueness and individuality,” Faruk explains.

The zebras also sport bespoke avant garde wigs. As well as being quirky, the wigs represent the salon’s expertise in avant garde work. “The plants are also a passion of mine,” adds Faruk. “I loved the idea of the plants growing as the business grows.”

From the outside, it’s obvious the salon is a place where creativity can grow too. The window contains a space available to any artist who wants to use it. Currently housing a sculpture by a local artist, the window is a talking point in the neighbourhood. The UV lighting also catches the eye of those walking or driving past busy South Clerk street.

Lighting was something that was important to Faruk. “When a salon just uses cool tones, blonde hair can look really white and it can make a client’s skin look drained,” Faruk says. “I wanted to bring warm tones into the salon to create a natural light that would make my clients look and feel healthy.”

As such, Faruk made sure the overhead lighting was custom made – the lights are fitted with LED panels featuring cool and warm tones. Moving downwards, the floor is an industrial grey coloured lino. Faruk chose the lino because it was hard-wearing, which is crucial for his dog-friendly salon!

Two-legged and four-legged guests have a choice of two waiting areas, both with TVs where clients can watch shows and listen to music channels.

The area upstairs has a coffee area for guests to enjoy a beverage from the coffee bar. This relaxed ‘make yourself at home’ vibe enforces the fact that Hair by JFK South Clerk Street is the place to get a first-class service in quirky surroundings.

Faruk’s top tips

Double your budget
Set a budget and double it because renovations always cost more than you think. Don’t cut corners as it will cost you more in the long run.

Consider your signage
Invest time and money on your salon’s exterior and window display – you want it to look its very best.

Location, location, location
The South Clerk Street salon is near student accommodation which is great for footfall, as long as you have your marketing right.

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