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Fizz, Fun and Fabulous Hair is at the Heart of the Duck & Dry Mayfair salon

by charlottegw / last updated July 1, 2019

Blow-dry bars have become a go-to destination for consumers in the UK and Duck & Dry with at the forefront of their domination. Here we take a look at their new Mayfair location.

Fact file

Name:  Duck & Dry Mayfair
Address: 33 North Audley Street, Mayfair, London
Owner: Yulia Rorstrom
How long have you been in the premises: 2 months
How many staff: 12 styling stations and 3 brow stations

Duck & Dry Mayfair is the fifth branch to open and it’s a testament to how the brand has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2014.

Founder Yulia Rorstrom noticed a trend in the US for blow-dry bars whilst working in the finance sector. “I loved the energy and the buzz of blow-dry bars in the US and realised the environment was lacking in the UK, where salons were more traditional,” she explains.

Duck and dry mayfair

Yulia decided to recreate that buzz here in the UK with a prosecco bar, on-brand wallpaper and Instagrammable birdcage swing. She made the salon luxurious without being intimidating. It’s a place where clients can come with friends to gossip, get glam and hang out. “Our client base is wide – we have guests from the ages of 16 up to 60, but what they all have in common is they are looking for somewhere other than a traditional salon,” explains Yulia.

The new addition to the Duck & Dry chain in Mayfair continues the untraditional theme. With its signature styling ‘egg pods’, prosecco bar, hanging plants and fun neon slogans, it looks more like a bar than a salon.

The walls are a mixture of exposed bricks, tiling and wood panelling and the colour scheme nods to the brand’s signature peacock hue with coloured styling chairs and splashes of pink and mustard hues.

Pendants hang over focal points such as the prosecco and brow bar, whereas discreet track lighting that is both functional and flattering has been used elsewhere. “It adds ambience and warmth and it also creates great selfie lighting,” adds Yulia.

All of this was created in eight weeks from a concrete shell unit, which is a real testament to the driving force that is Duck & Dry and Yulia. We look forward to seeing where the Duck & Dry brand hatches next.

Yulia’s top tips

  • Get the basics right
    Laying down the right foundations in terms of electrics and plumbing is essential for any business.
  • Lighting is key
    Welcoming lighting was crucial for us. We used discreet track lighting for warmth and pendants for statement areas like the prosecco bar.
  • Create the right mood
    We put a lot of focus into our breakout areas as it’s not just about the styling stations it’s more about the environment you’re trying to create.

Duck and dry mayfair

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