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Salon Interiors: The Beautifully Botanical Tuckwell & Co in Nottingham

by charlottegw / last updated July 30, 2019

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Tuckwell & Co in Nottingham is a relaxed, comfortable and foliage-filled space, which provides a different salon experience.

Simon Tuckwell had always had a soft spot for the current Tuckwell & Co premises. Gazing up at the 19th century Grade 2 listed building, he had always dreamed what he would do with it if it was his. One day an opportunity arose, and his dream could start becoming a reality.

Having worked in various salons in London and Nottingham for sixteen years Simon knew he wanted to give a different salon experience. “I wanted to focus on the two main parts of a salon visit that clients say they love most – the hair wash and the coffee,” he explains. “So I had a custom-made spa room fitted for the backwash area and our ground floor reception area is an independent coffee bar.”

Completely separate from the salon floor, the spa area is focused on relaxation and mental wellbeing, whereas the ground floor independent coffee bar is a bustling space that sees working professionals, mums, as well as salon clients sit side by side. It also attracts new customers and is the perfect space for clients to relax before or after their appointment.

“We wanted to remove that intimidating feeling of walking into a salon, so our coffee shop acts as our reception,” adds Simon. “We are proud to serve locally roasted coffee and display art from talented regional artists.”

Tuckwell & Co wouldn’t be where it is without a strong team of people that Simon credits with the brand’s success. “My partner Grace pretty much designed the aesthetic of the salon. I told her how I wanted it to feel and she absolutely nailed my vision,” he explains. “The work was carried out by my good friend Andy Allen who went ‘above and beyond’.”

With wooden features, plants, pastel tones and floor to ceiling windows, you can’t help but see the interior of Tuckwell & Co and want to Instagram it instantly. “We have a huge mural on the wall that everyone takes a photo of!” admits Simon. But the salon doesn’t just attract an Instagram crowd. Clients from 3 to 90 love the welcoming, light and fresh space that is Tuckwell & Co, no filter needed.

Simon’s top tips

    • Surround yourself with great people:
      – My team genuinely love the brand and they believe in it. They are the ‘co’ in Tuckwell and Co and the best thing to happen to the salon.
    • Stick to your vision:
      – I do have a tendency to over-think everything, but at the end of the day I knew my end goal.
    • Keep to a budget:
      – I did buy some unnecessary items, but I should have thought about the client journey and what was really needed.

Fact File

Name: Tuckwell & Co
Address: 26 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham
Owner: Simon Tuckwell
How long have you been in the premises: 6 months
How many staff: 18
Budget: £30,000

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