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Basic Feng Shui For Your Salon

by sophieh / September 20, 2007

Whether it’s the colours chosen for the walls, the arrangement of the salon or thoughtfully placed water features, a more enlightened approach to business is no longer seen as weird – indeed some of the most successful salons in the country have looked to their spiritual side for inspiration.

Feng Shui Tips | True Colours

For example, Scottish salon entrepreneur Charlie Miller employed a renowned feng shui master to advise on the creation of certain features for his Edinburgh salon at Harvey Nichols.

Master Chan Kun Wah was involved from the outset, working alongside Charlie’s wife and co-founder of the business, Janet, to create the finished design.Other top names looking beyond the usual for inspiration and advice include Richard and Hellen Ward. Says Hellen: “We started using a Cabalistic and Bedouin psychic healer – which is like a life coach and advisor – about 10 years ago for business advice.

“We were both very sceptical at the beginning but as her advice started to work and we started to see significant differences to our business, we realised what she said made sense.

“Our healer has helped with many aspects of the business from advising on colour schemes, logo designs and furniture positioning. She has a wealth of knowledge on everything from personal to business advice and has been very helpful to our salon.”

Tommy Van der Veken of Tommy’s Hair Company, Denbighshire, is a great believer in the relaxing properties of flowing water. The backwash area of the salon is surrounded by a water feature that he believes, “adds to the harmony and serenity of the salon”.

“As a rule, apart from the consultation, conversation is kept to a minimum in the backwash area, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the complimentary head and back massage they all receive. Water is important to a salon environment, with running water helping to produce healthy negative ions and a peaceful atmosphere,” he says.

Top Tips for Feng Shui

There are many principles to the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui – here are some that may prove beneficial to your business.

  • The south-east section of your salon is the ideal place to site your till as it’s the wealth sector of a building
  • A water feature could be just the trick to keep staff and clients in an upbeat mood. According to the laws of feng shui, it activates chi, or positive energy. Try placing a tabletop fountain in the wealth sector for the ultimate effect
  • Don’t have spiky cacti in your salon; the pointed edges have a negative effect on the flow of chi

True Colours

Colour can have a profound emotional and spiritual effect, so be careful what hues you opt for when designing your salon. Within Eastern philosophy it is believed that colours relate to the different chakra (energy centres) in the body.

For example:

PURPLE relates to the crown chakra and the brain. It has a calming effect and is beneficial for those suffering depression or stress

BLUE relates to the throat chakra and is the colour of communication

GREEN, relating to the heart, is a balancing colour that should bring harmony

YELLOW relates to the stomach and has a stimulating effect, helpful when study or concentration are required.

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