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5 Ultimate Classics that will Never Date – Up Your Salon Design Game

by akesha / last updated August 3, 2018

From classic cream to American vintage vibes, kit out your salon or add design elements with these staple styles and your salon will look on-point for years to come.

Classic Cream

Cream and white shades are a statement of luxury. Coming to a hair salon is an indulgent experience. From the moment you walk through the door every detail matters. You want clients to feel like they are being pampered and light coloured furnishings will be seen as out of the ordinary for a salon and will add to the whole luxurious experience.
Emily Grimshaw, interior designer

Salon design malettiDesigned with the comfort of the client and the stylist in mind, the Maletti Up Down Wash Unit has a motorised recline and tilt basin. The entire unit can be raised or lowered to ensure it’s the prefect height for shampooing and it also features an air massage system. Launch price £2,430+vat


Salon design KU takaraThe KU and Shiki Styling Chair in ivory is from the minimalist Takara Belmont Zen range. It features padded armrests and wood veneer options. The chair has smooth running wheel-base castors to enable free movement.
From £675 – £770


Salon design maletti green hug The Maletti Green Hug Chair comes with a varnished veneered plywood back and a chrome-finish or powder-coated steel back support bracket. It’s made of polyurethane foam padding with vinyl upholstery – plus there’s an optional transparent PVC protective cover.


Salon design ayala Available in a disc, square or round base, the Ayala Mali Hydraulic Styling Chair features a backrest with buttons and is cut out for easy cleaning. It can be covered in a variety of fabrics and finishes.
From £450+vat


American vintage

A retro style works well in a barbershop thanks to its old-school masculine feel. The use of dark distressed and textured materials, combined with vintage images and features will create an authentic look. Lighting is very important in any salon, but feature lighting needs to be designed to enhance the darker colours of the interior.
Terry Bunn, Laceys Hair & Beauty and Excel UK operations director

Salon design TK yumeIf you’re short on space, the Takara Belmont Yume Oasis is ingeniously compact and portable. It allows the client to remain in place as you manoeuvre your backwash station into position. It connects to the water supply via a floor situated ‘docking station’. It is available in available in red, brown and white.
From £4,000


Salon design maverickCrafted in the traditional barber style, the REM Maverick Barber Unit is a statement piece of furniture. It has both a cupboard and drawer storage and can be bought both with and without a basin. It is available via Alan Howard. £975+vat 


Salon design takara belmontThis barber chair has an adjustable and removable headrest, 360° lockable rotation and a reclining backrest. The Takara Belmont Alt Vintage in camel is available via Moda. Prices start from £9 per week



Salon design scorpion The Scorpion Bronx Barber Chair comes complete with a fully reclining feature, height adjustable headrest and a chrome base and detailing. It is available via Alan Howard.


Salon design takara belmontModelled on the original Takara Apollo, which launched in 1961, the Takara Belmont Apollo 2 Barbers Chair comes with an adjustable and removable headrest, a spring-loaded seat cushion, reclining backrest and hydraulic base with 360° lockable rotation. It is available from Salon Services.
£1,850 exc. vat


Back to black

Dark finishes are not only a sensible option but also look great. People tend to think if they opt for dark materials they will look too harsh. This isn’t the case if you get the interior lighting correct – keep the walls a very light colour and use wall wash lighting and the interior will be uplifting. Opting for a medium to light grey floor will also make the chairs stand out. Dark colour surrounds on desks and mirror frames will create a more neutral colour scheme that will work well with stronger brand colours and graphics.
Terry Bunn, Laceys Hair & Beauty and Excel UK operations director

Salon design desk Takara Belmont Legend is new to the brand’s motorised collection. It is fully motorised with lumbar support, a scissor-arm base and 360° lockable rotation that effortlessly reclines to a horizontal position.

Salon design takumiTakumi Urban Concrete Yu Styling Chair comes with a black metal frame and a selection of seat covers. It is available on five spoke (Suta) base or a square (Hiroba) base with different upholstery options available. It is available at Aston and Fincher
Suta 5 spoke base – £367 and Hiroba square flat base – £415


Salon design legendThe show-stopping Takara Belmont Dover front wash station in dark grey comes with a fully functional shampoo station, storage unit and the option to integrate a Takara Belmont Hot Towel Cabi. It is also available in walnut dark brown and dark green.
From £2,150 to £2,400


Salon design desk gamma and brosGreet your clients with the sleek silhouette of the Gamma & Bross Sea Urchin Desk. It is also available in red and white with the option to have a glass top on the client side or on the receptionist’s side. It is available in black and white via Aston and Fincher.
From £4,000 to £7,541

Salon design ayalaThe luxurious and traditional Ayala Royal Hydraulic Styling Chair has a detailed wooden frame and fabric arm rests with studs. It can be customised with a range of fabric finishes and wood colours.
From £480+vat



Interior designer tip
Mood boards, Pinterest images, and magazine clippings are a great starting point to begin discussions with your architect or designer. There is so much value in collaborating with a designer on salon projects to achieve your vision or suggest ideas and layouts to maximise the space and to make a wonderful atmosphere for your staff and clients.
Anna Parker, Intervention Architecture director


So Scandi

A great way of bringing Scandi style to your salon is to bring in lots of natural light. Use softer timber surfaces such as blonde birch ply or Douglas fir, to add texture and tone in a very natural way. The Scandi approach combines organic textures with minimal furniture to maximise the feeling of space in a cosy and approachable way.
Anna Parker, Intervention Architecture director

Salon design takumi cabinet

Keep your salon tidy with the Takumi Urban Concrete Den Side Cabinet. You can choose from four different laminates – white, wood, grey and black. It comes with a black metal framework, pull-out drawer and shelves. It available via Aston and Fincher.


Salon design rem centenaryThe minimalist but cosy REM Centenary Wash Unit features LED lighting, comfortable webbed seating and is available in 20 different fabric and laminate finishes.
From £1108+vat


Salon design takumi dai styling unit

Takumi Urban Concrete Dai Styling Unit has a black metal frame work with a laminate shelf. It also features an integrated footrest and dryer holder. Takumi laminate options are also available and the unit can be purchased via Aston and Fincher.



Salon design deskThe Alan Howard Discovery Reception Desk has a modern yet classic design. It is equipped with shelves, cupboards, a drawer and a glass display. The desk consists of a central unit and side cabinet that is mountable on the left or right side. It is available in either white or elm wood via Alan Howard. £1049 + VAT


Interior designer tip
It would be great to see a more individual approach to salons in general, Dale Hollinshead from Hazel & Haydn in Birmingham was ambitious and driven in creating something truly special and unique for his salon. The feedback from Dale and his clients shows there is an opportunity to make every space we live and work in amazing.
Anna Parker, Intervention Architecture director


Industrial chic

If you are lucky enough to own or rent a building where Britain’s industrial past is still prominent, I would advise you to celebrate what the interior has to offer. An industrial style will always work for a salon as it reflects the functionality and creativity of the space. It can also be interpreted in a number of ways, so salons can dip into this look with reclaimed pipe details for lighting or create a warehouse feel throughout.
Emily Grimshaw, interior designer

Salon design lampThe Pietranera Infrared Lamp can be placed over wash basins to help hair treatments to penetrate deep into the hair. The lamps are height adjustable to ensure maximum functionality in the minimum amount of space. The lamps are available in six different colourways – white, red, black, gold, silver and copper and can be purchased from LSE Hair & Beauty.  £375+vat

Salon design takara belmont chairThe statement Takara Belmont Spitfire Styling Chair from the Halo collection is made from leather upholstery, has a 360° lockable rotation and chrome foot pedal. Inspired by the legendary Spitfire aircraft, bold hammered aluminium plates adorn the back of this leather upholstered chair. £1480


Salon design k deskA shabby-chic desk brings an industrial vibe to a reception area. The Karisma K-Desk features storage solutions and is available in different wood finishes from Salon Supplies. Offer price £1343.16


The Pahi Mitas Styling Chair is a practical and attractive chair. It features upholstered arms for comfort and warmth. You can choose from four bases – round, star brus and square and it can be purchased in a choice of colours and textures. Available from Albert Ewan. From £590+VAT

Salon design top tip:
Regardless of your interior design, a well-designed styling chair is essential for both the stylist, the client, the salon owner and not to mention the cleaning staff. If you want clients to be well-seated and supported in a comfortable chair – price is a good guide. One trend that has endured over 15 years is the disc hydraulic base. It is easy to clean and very stable.
Albert Ewan, Albert Ewan Design managing director

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of Hairdressers Journal 

Lead image courtesy of Hazel & Haydn

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