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Chrissy Teigen Has Pink Hair (And It’s Not A Wig)

by charlottegw / last updated April 16, 2021

Chrissy teigen pink hair

It’s official Chrissy Teigen has got pink hair – and it’s not a wig! After playing around with fun filters on Instagram and flirting with wigs for a good couple of months now, Chrissy has bit the bullet and gone pink (with a little help from celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham.)

The model shared selfies on her Instagram stories last week as colourist Tracey Cunningham worked with an assistant at Mèche Salon in Los Angeles to add foils to Chrissy’s hair. After foiling, Chrissy revealed that she now had a bright new blonde shade that’s far lighter than the honey-highlighted bronde she’s known for.

But the colour fun didn’t end there! Chrissy was then snapped with her head in a backwash with what look liked a red gloss smoothed over her hair. She then revealed a lovely shade of strawberry blonde. In weeks after she’s played around with darker pink shades.

Then on Monday 5 April, Teigen started posting more clips suggesting she was switching up the shade yet again. “Here we go,” she wrote over a video of her wet hair being blown dry and brushed by two stylists. After that, we see a not-so-strawberry-blonde Teigen with foils in her hair again.

Teigen then revealed the final results the following day: a peachy pink with brunette roots and hints of blonde peeking through. She’s been posting on her Instagram channel from holiday in an undisclosed location and revealing her pink ends in all their glory.

What the experts think of Chrissy Teigen’s pink hair

Tracy Hayes, global colour ambassador: “Spring is here and we are allowed out! What better time to add some fun colour to your hair to make us all smile. If you have existing blonde, such as an all over blonde with large roots, it is an easy process of applying a semi-permanent pink such as Fudge Professional Paintbox in Pink Riot over the blonde. Easy to apply over clean towel dried hair and leave up for up to 30 minutes, and rinse out, no need to shampoo. Depending on the intensity of the pink, as you can dilute to create a pastel, then the colour can last anything from 3 washes to 15 washes, also depending on the porosity of the hair, this will also be ideal for blonde balayage through the ends of the hair to add some colour, and something that clients can do at home to brighten their hair. However, if clients have no pre-existing blonde in their hair, then a trip to the salon is needed for a professional touch in lifting the hair to a blonde. Then the colour of their choice can be added, or even changed when the colours fade and wash out. To keep hair in the best condition and to prevent the colour fading I would suggest Fudge Professional Damage Rewind Shampoo & Conditioner.”

Sophia Hilton, colour ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon: As far as vivid colour trends go, Chrissy may be a little bit late to the party. Nevertheless you know how this celebrity world goes, and any celebrity rocking something out of the norm will cause a stir, and in turn we get clients asking for something new. The best thing about celebrities who are not known for being wild or outrageous having a subtle vivid colour, is it pushes things into the mainstream.
This colour has been one of our most popular requests in the last few years because it has become our new ‘neutral’. No one stops and stares when they see this colour in the street anymore. My recommendation is to pre-tone with an ash or ash violet before applying your paint as it will remove the yellow tone and stop it turning peach. Then apply Crazy Color in the shade Pinkissimo with a few dots of Cyclamen.  Don’t, whatever you do, apply it like you would a toner at the backwash. The biggest complaint I find with any vivid colour is people think it’s uneven, but I can assure you it’s the application.
Vivids have to be applied section by section without switching the colour through. Always applying a new bit of colour to every bit of hair. Believe me it took me many many months to perfect this, if not years, and I promise you it’s all about taking extra care. To really push your average bill up especially after the pandemic, I would recommend adding INNOuxe into the vivid colour and charging extra for it. Or salon is living proof that people don’t just want to colour at the expense of hair condition. It’s about self expression, but also a bit of self-care; you’ll make more money and be more creative every day.”

Adele Clarke, owner of Spectrum Hair Salon and OSMO IKON ambassador says: “There are a few dos and don’ts to consider if your clients want to take the plunge. Do take notice of their undertone, this can dramatically affect the end result. If the hair is very gold expect to see rose gold and peach, if it’s too violet the colour will be more of a lavender. For a true hot pink, it needs to be a very clean pale blonde. Always protect the integrity of your client’s hair when lightening, over-processed damaged hair cannot hold the colour correctly and this can cause the pink to take patchy. Do mix it up, there are so many different tones of pink you can create, and I love the OSMO Colour Psycho range, boasting three different ultra-bright pinks and a colour tamer to create dreamy pastels, you can mix and match your own bespoke palette.

Don’t forgot to recommend the correct aftercare, pink is one of the fastest fading colours and the incorrect shampoo will pull it out after just one wash, also hot water and hot tools are not your friend! I always recommend a sulphate free shampoo like OSMO Colour Save Shampoo and encourage my clients to wash their hair less and avoid the heat. And finally, don’t go in with a scalp bleach every time, pink is a high maintenance colour and it can be better suited for some client’s lifestyles to opt for an ombré or a balayage keeping a natural root.”

Amber Letham, Crazy Color sponsored stylist: “When working with semi permanents I make my clients aware that in addition to their blonding service, they could be in my chair for an additional hour or more depending on what vivid application they’re having done. I always suggest they come prepared and wear comfortable clothing. When caring for their colour, I heavily suggest using a sulphate-free shampoo and minimal washing, 1-2 times per week maximum! Vivids can last anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a couple of months, depending on how they are cared for but I always send my client away with a top up colour pot and some Crazy Color ANTI Bleed Spray for good measure! This will ensure their colour can last up to an extra 10 washes so they are looking fresher for longer.”

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