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World Cup Hair: We Break Down 5 Looks with Jacks of London

by akesha / last updated July 4, 2018

Yes, yes the World Cup is about the football but if you’re even slightly interested in barbering then you’re going to be looking at the hair styles that are being sported on the pitch. Here we asked Vivienne Howe, master barber at Jacks of London to breakdown five looks she’s noted so far at Russia 2018.

Dele Alli

Mandem 🦁

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Dele has left his hair to grow long, which can sometimes look untidy, so he’s gone for a taper fade to sharpen up the area around the ears and hairline. It’s a great way of having length while still looking sharp. The length needed for this style will depend on the hair’s texture and density. Hair that is soft or fine sometimes needs to be grown longer because the curl can shrink, so it will have to be combed out a bit for volume until it gets longer. It is also less likely to hold its shape as well as coarser or thicker hair. This kind of style can be high-maintenance, so the client will need a gentle hold product, such as Jacks of London’s True Gent Urban Hold Salt Spray, and oils to keep it in place and moisturised. Anything too strong will define the curls too much and shrink the hair down instead of allowing it to stay in its combed-out state.

Harry Kane

Love the new @england away kit 👌 #RiseOfTheFearless #England #WorldCup

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Kane’s hair appears to be scissor cut, or it could be a long clipper grade. Scissors give the hair a slightly softer finish than clippers, while a long clipper grade leaves the hair more flush so it can look tidy for longer. It’s a style that can be high-maintenance for hair that isn’t inclined to sit pushed back. Use American Crew’s Texture Foam before blow drying to hold it in place. If it sits back with ease then a medium-hold product like American Crew’s Fiber Cream or Liquid Wax is fine.

David De Gea

The Spanish goalie is sporting an undercut with a top knot/ponytail, suggesting the top knot trend isn’t over. If a client has the length this look is instantly achievable, as all you need to do is separate the top from the bottom and shave up to the desired height. If the hair isn’t that long, advise patience to let it grow and only cut the back and sides cut (and not too high up) for the next few months to keep it tidy until the top gets to the length needed. For hair that is a little fluffy, medium-hold product, like American Crew Spray Gel, will flatten stray hairs. Apply it with the hair wet, then dry it to flatten the flyaways.

Sergio Ramos

¡Llegó la hora! The time has come! #VamosEspaña 🇪🇸

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Ramos keeping his hair short all over is good news for barbers. There’s little needed in the way of maintenance apart from more frequent visits to us to maintain the look. Hair this short needs be cut at least every two to three weeks, and will need something a little sticky, like some American Crew Fiber Cream or Forming Cream, to keep it in shape. Ramos’s beard is more of an extra-long stubble and, again, the way he styles it can mean more visits to the barber. He keeps it clean on the neck, which keeps it looking tidy. That means skilled shaving done frequently. Use American Crew Precision Shave Gel to make everything clean and sharp and AC Beard Serum for tip-top condition.

Olivier Giroud


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The French striker has a similar style to Harry Kane, but the sides are much shorter and the top is longer. The sides will be clipper-cut, which means more tidying at the barber more often. The top, being longer, can seem heavy, so needs blow-drying back into place with a brush and some with JoL Urban Hold Salt Spray, then a firm hold styling product, like Jack’s of London Head Strong Defining Paste, to hold it in place. Giroud’s beard is shaped up on the neck and the cheeks. This can be maintained at home but only if the shape is already there. Most of our clients prefer to drop in at their local Jacks for a tidy-up. It can be difficult to put a guideline into an untouched beard without the correct tools. I’d use American Crew Precision Shave Gel for the neck and cheeks. There are so many beard shapes these days that we encourage clients to show us pictures of what they aspire to. It really helps us deliver exactly what they want.

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