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New Education Offering from HOB Academy Inspires

by hjiadmin / last updated July 19, 2019

The rebranded summer version of Hob Uncut saw the Academy Creative Team host a show and a workshop event in a more varied way than ever before!

What Is the New Format?

The new format offers students the opportunity to choose between Hob Uncut, which is a one-day demonstration show and HOB Uncut Plus – an extended two-day education course.

The two courses offer a more interactive experience and greater opportunities for one-on-one teaching than previous HOB Uncut courses.

What Happened on the Day?

On the first day, Akin Konizi, HOB academy creative director, demonstrated precision cutting and styling techniques alongside Nestor Sanchez and Jake Unger, creative team members. While live on stage they shared where they seek inspiration and what trends they had taken into consideration. The audience also had the chance to ask about the techniques and how best to achieve the final look. The finale was a presentation of all 7 models.

On the second day, the guests were able to enjoy a combination of demonstrations and workshops. Both included colour work and were set up as a more practical teaching sessions. The students had the opportunity to ask the creative team questions about the techniques used all the way.

Akin commented: “It’s a great platform for us to be able to introduce stylists and colourists from all around the world to HOB Academy creative vision. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the HOB brand and identity through our fundamental techniques and also where and how we find our own inspiration.”

While Jake, head of education, added: “HOB Uncut / Plus was a really great opportunity for us to meet other salon teams in a more intimate and close-contact setting than we have traditionally used for the HOB Uncut shows. We’re already looking forward to the next one in October.”

When Is the Next Event?

The next HOB Uncut / Plus is taking place on 7th and 8th October. The ticket for the first course is £75 per head. In order to book email here.

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