Denman Celebrates Anniversary with Global Collective Launch

by laurahusband / May 17, 2018

Denman Global Collective

Denman is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year with the launch of the Denman Global Collective – a team of international brand ambassadors who will inspire the wider hair industry.

The collective will bring together existing members of Denman’s international ambassador programme as well as new ones and will encourage them to share their collections and promote their creativity.

Denman’s global creative director Paul Stafford is leading the international team, which includes Brandon Messinger in the UK.

Other international ambassadors include:

  • Renee Melek in India
  • Libor Sula in the Czech Republic
  • Bertram Kainzner in Austria
  • Fabrizio & Luigi Pecoraro in Italy
  • Alexandru Stativa in Romania
  • Guy Haircut in France
  • Stevo Pavlovic in Slovenia
  • Sauro Sartorel in Italy
  • Lourd Ramos in Philippines
  • Eric Leturgie in France

Denman plans to announce more members as the Global Collective grows across all continents and countries. Plus, Denman will have an exclusive Global Collective stage alongside its Stage Star competition at this year’s Salon International, which is taking place in London on 13-15 October 2018.

Denman International’s managing director Philip Steele said: “Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with hairdressers in many countries, and I’m pleased to say they have all embraced the Global Collective and are already sharing their work and ideas.”

He added: “For us to be able to showcase the work of top Indian, French, Taiwanese and Bulgarian hairdressers – and all the others – to an international audience is amazing. Plus the inspiration and feedback we get in return is truly invaluable.”

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