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A Fantastic Day For Hairdressing Education

by / last updated March 25, 2009

Alan & Akin2 .jpgWith the success of Alan Austin-Smith’s Fantastic Hairdresser books and inspirational seminars, the company has just opened a new Business Academy in Chiswick.

Alan christened the new space by holding an inspirational day of talks and demonstrations with HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year Akin Konizi, to emphasise his belief that hairdressing is 50 per cent creative and 50 per cent marketing and business.

“One can’t exist without the other and they are of equal importance,” he explained.

It was a point that was supported by Akin who added:  “To succeed, you need to give the client the ‘wow’ factor, from the way that the reception looks to the way that the juniors act.”

Throughout the day, Akin created three stunning styles and gave tips to the eager audience of stylists.

“Surprise yourself by using techniques that you wouldn’t normally use and leave some ‘sexy’ longer bits to add to a style,” he said.

akincutting.jpgThe final look was an extravagant 80s style ‘mullet’, softened for a modern feel, with plenty of height and movement on top.

“You must have belief in a style in order for it to work,” Akin explained.

Akin also highlighted the importance of maintaining a work and life balance and insists that it’s not possible to do everything on your own. 

“I used to work continuously and skip days off. I now give myself a cut-off point so that I can spend time with my family and re-charge,” he added. 

Fantastic Hairdresser 100 Hair- Akin & Models2 .jpg“In the past, I made the mistake of thinking that I could do everything myself.

“If you have a salon, it’s important to employ a salon manager and even an assistant salon manager so that you can support each other.”

After the show, Alan gave HJi some insight about the new premises and revealed that he will be using it to experiment with some hairdressing conventions.

Alan said, “I’ve been looking for an appropriate space to create the Academy for some time and I’ve had my eye on this building which I knew would be perfect.”

“I want to try new ideas that may or may not work, like having no reception area and allowing clients to pay at the chair.”

Visit the Fantastic Hairdresser website for more information about upcoming courses, talks and seminars at the new Fantastic Hairdresser Academy.

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