Top Men’s Hair Trends to Know in 2020

by charlottegw / last updated December 11, 2019

mens hair trends 2020

This Season of Giving HJ Men takes a look at the top men’s hair trends that will be big in 2020. From mullets to buzz cuts, in 2020 hair is retro, undone and too cool for school.

Modern Mullets

The mullet – possibly one of the most divisive trends ever – has officially made a return to popular culture, in part thanks to its starring role in Stranger Things. Made famous in the 1970s and 1980s by musicians and actors, the iconic hairstyle is re-emerging albeit with a slight refresh. The 2020 mullet is less party at the front, business at the back and aims to bridge the gap between the two opposing styles with feathering and less extreme layers.

The key to this style is striking the correct balance when cutting the layers into the hair says award-winning men’s hairdresser Ross Charles. He explains: “Carefully consider the way the hair will fall when cutting each section and visualise the finished look throughout the entire process. Whilst this style exudes that ‘undone’ and relaxed feel, it is a somewhat intricate cut and patience is required to make it look as good as possible.”

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 eboy Curtains

The latest Generation Z subculture, the eBoy (it stands for electronic boy FYI), has a specific look that it’s worth getting on your radar.eBoy hair is parted in the middle, may or may not fall just below the ear, is a bit messy, a touch greasy and is a revolt against time-consuming grooming. If we’re totally honest, it looks a lot like the 1990s curtain trend adopted by Joey from Friends and Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys. But the Gen Z version feels a little more gothic and serious, rather than boyish and floppy.

Jim Shaw, HJ’s Mens Hairdresser of the Year thinks the look works particularly well on those with thinner hair types. “The cut provides hair with a bit more volume,” he says. “Your client’s hair will need to be long enough for this style. In terms of product a texturising spray like a salt spray can be used to give hair added texture, a serum or oil if you want to give your client more of a wet look or a wax or pomade to give this hairstyle a more slicked back look.”

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Platinum Blonde

Machine Gun Kelly, Zac Efron – a host of male celebs sported platinum blonde locks recently. To stay ahead of the trend, make sure your salon is advertising colour services to male clients too. Or if you’re a barbershop, consider colour training or employing a trained colourist. Colour isn’t gendered in 2020.

Here’s what you need to remember when trying to attract men to colour their hair in your salon. “For men that are thinking about colour, it needs confidence in selling the idea,” says Tracy Hayes, Fudge Professional global head of training. “For first time colour, then I would always recommend a look book, so the client in the chair has a clear understanding on what is been explained. Remember, if they have not had colour before they will be unfamiliar with colour terms. Also, be very clear with the upkeep and after care, which men are now very open to in keeping the hair and image at its best!”

Buzz Cut Redux

Celebrities such as Noah Centino, Zayn Malik and Jaden Smith have opted for a buzzcut lately. The buzzcut is a look that needs minimal maintenance, but makes a big impact in terms of style.

Joe Mills from Joe and Co, in Soho, London comments, “A buzzcut is a favourite with celebrities and the military. It’s the ultimate masculine style that is low maintenance, looks smart and is easy to look after. As it’s cut seriously short with clippers, it can mean it’s not a style that suits everyone though.” Before going in with the clippers it’s wise to check the shape of your client’s head, making note of any lumps and bumps which might make the style more difficult to pull off, first.


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