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How to Master a Military Style Fade with Short Fringe – Watch Now

by charlottegw / last updated August 18, 2018

Andy Smith, global ambassador for Indola, creates a military edge hair cut using clippers in this how-to video. The look comes from Indola’s Smart Street Style Collection for spring. Watch the video below and find out how to master creating a fade and short fringe combination.

  1. Start from the top with vertical sections following the head shape.
  2. Continue to the back and the sides, taking the guide length from the top.
  3. After connecting the back to the top, move into the sides. Start with the shortest desired length. Using your clippers, define a guide all the way around the head to check and balance off your fade.
  4. Use several lengths on your clipper work to achieve a perfect fade.
  5. Next neaten and straighten a short fringe.

More videos coming soon on Dry Tailoring and creating Damped Texture.

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