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A Guide to Top Moustache Styles for Your Clients

by charlottegw / last updated December 28, 2020

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‘Tache, facial foliage, nose-warmer – whatever you call it, it’s a trend that’s here to stay, so we have compiled a simple guide to moustache styles that you can use to inspire your clients. And the best news? As moustaches can be tricky to grow and maintain, they are great for increasing client loyalty and spend.

Along with an easy-to-groom rating (1 being a doddle to do, 5 being more high maintenance than Mariah Carey) we have included examples of well-known owners of these moustache styles to help you and your clients settle on a moustache style.

The Chevron Moustache

A classic ‘tache that covers the whole upper lip the key to this look is thick, but groomed hair growth. Pack you client off with balms and make sure they come back regularly for trims to keep it from going too far over their upper lips and straying into Western sheriff territory.
‘Tache pin-up: Tom Selleck
Maintenance rating: 2


The Pencil Moustache
This look suits a very well-groomed gent who keeps his hair closely cropped and tidy. Beware, it does run the risk of verging on villain territory. Avoid wearing with capes.
‘Tache pin-up: Jamie Foxx
Maintenance rating: 5
Despite looking simple, the Pencil needs regular (let’s be honest daily) shaving to keep lines clean and neat.

beardstache moustache stylesThe Beardstache
Easily executed and maintained the Beardstache is a good all-rounder. Suits those with darker hair as blonde fuzz can look a little straggly.
‘Tache pin-up: Henry Cavill
Maintenance rating: 2
As long as your client has un-patchy growth this look can be maintained with ease. Keep them coming into the barbershop for regular trims to maintain the shape.

The Handlebar Moustache
Clients are looking at roughly six weeks of growth to achieve a handlebar. For this look wax is a grower’s best friend. After daily washing the moustache should be twisted and shaped with wax when dry.
‘Tache pin-up: Mr Monopoly (the other famous person was Joseph Stalin)
Maintenance rating: 4

moustache styles dali moustacheThe Dali
Long and styled to within an each of its life (5 inches to be precise), the Dali should only be attempted by serious moustache growers.
‘Tache pin-up: Salvador Dali himself
Maintenance rating: 5
A variation on the pencil moustache, the Dali needs clients to grow their ‘tache, shave the sides regularly and keep on growing some more…

horseshoe moustache stylesThe Horseshoe Moustache
Consider the personal style of your client. For someone who is a keen motor-biking enthusiast this look could work brilliantly. For reserved bookish types, not so much.
‘Tache pin-up: Hulk Hogan
Maintenance rating: 3
Once it’s been ‘trained’ into the iconic horseshoe shape this ‘tache can be left a bit longer between appointments.

walrus moustache stylesThe Walrus Moustache
For those who aren’t afraid of commitment and looking a bit rugged, the Walrus is all about cultivating a long ‘tache that reaches just beneath the upper lip.
‘Tache pin-up: Theodore Roosevelt
Maintenance rating: 4
Advise clients to just keep growing and stay away from soup.


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